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Food for thought - God's timetable is perfect
« on: Jun 07, 2013, 08:44 PM »
♦ Your mates you graduated with in the same year now have good jobs and ride latest cars in town while you are still jobless or even still battling with an extra year in school?

♦ Your age mates already have kids but you still looking up to God for fruit of the womb?

♦ Those you started this job together have been promoted over and over again but your own life seem just hyper- stagnant, right?

♦ Your mates are engaged/married to responsible Men/Women. But all you keep having is that you? OR

♦ You are even just fed up, guess you are planning writing a suicide note now...and said to yourself ''GOD DOESN'T EXIST!"

♣ Listen, God's timetable is perfect. He will do exactly what is best for us, in His own time, according to His wonderful plans for us, because He loves us so much. Wait! Be patient!

♣ They might have gone BEFORE you, but I tell you, they aint AHEAD of you!

♣ A wise saying in yoruba goes thus... Ere ti Aja fi ogun odun sa, irin faaji ni fun Esin (meaning: a distance it took a Dog to cover in 20 years with its highest speed, A Horse would cover same distance with ease and in a short-while).

♣ Have you read/heard about the parable of the Householder? Those he employed at 9a.m to work in his vineyard were paid the same penny labourers he employed at 5 p.m received (an hour before closing of the day). Our God does as he likes! It doesn't take him a minute to give you the blessings it took your mates 20 years to
acquire, accumulate and gather! HE DOES WHAT HE LIKES, WHO DARES QUESTION HIM!?

♣ So, just keep your faith in him, His clock may show a different time than our clock, but I bet it's the right one...HE'S NEVER LATE NOR TOO EARLY, ALWAYS ON TIME!

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Food for thought - God's timetable is perfect
« on: Jun 07, 2013, 08:44 PM »