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2011 DST/NRF Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship
« on: May 10, 2011, 07:34 AM »
The Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) is inviting applications for 2 Post Doctoral Fellows under the DST/NRF Research Chair. According to the announcement, the purpose is to conduct imaginative research on any of the listed areas

The following areas are listed: science, technology, innovation for development (STI4D), ICT4D, bridging the digital divide, renewable energy systems for clean development, innovation and culture, indigenous knowledge systems, nanotechnology for cleaner production, bridging the nano-divide, co-evolution of agriculture, manufacture and services, and innovative technology infrastructure and knowledge to stimulate African integration covering both informal cross border consumer-producer interactions to the RECs such as SADC and other processes and dynamics like the AU and NEPAD.

Candidates are welcome to submit proposals on how knowledge, innovation and capacity for promoting African integration and development through the application of specific technological infrastructure can be stimulated.
Amongst the technologies either each or the convergence of information, computers and communication technologies, biotechnologies, cognitive technologies and nano-technologies can be selected. Research on application of specific technologies in addressing the pressing challenges African countries face simultaneously today as multiple and overlapping economic, food, energy, health and climate crises is needed. Further research on new and original approaches and perspectives on technology infrastructure for putting Africa unity first is welcome.

Applicants must process a D-Tech, PhD or DPhil, preferably in a multidisciplinary field related to science, technology and innovation for development (STI4D) in relation to some aspect of South African development in particular and Africa in general. They should also submit a 5-page research proposal and a three year plan.

Minimum Qualifications:

Recent D-Tech, PhD or DPhil in an inter-disciplinary field related to Science, Technology and Innovation for Development (STI4D) or ICT4D) or any specific technological field and innovation studies welcomed.

Minimum Experience:

From those who are freshly admitted to being PhDs to others that are currently in post-doctoral positions and those with experience in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation for development (STI4D), ICT4D and innovation studies are welcome.

Specific Training/skills:

Excellent written, oral, communication, presentation and computer skills will be required.

Other requirements:

Successful candidate will be expected to do teaching, supervision and assisting in the African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development ( and the African Globelics Doctoral Academy (
Further Information:

Professor Mammo Muchie
NRF/DST Research Professor Chair on Innovation studies
Tel no.: +27 12 382 3078,

SARCHhI administrator Mrs. Elsa Lourens
telephone no. +27 12 382 3073

Deadline: May 25, 2011.

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2011 DST/NRF Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship
« on: May 10, 2011, 07:34 AM »