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RECALLPLUS – A good learning and study tool
« on: Jun 24, 2013, 09:11 AM »
RecallPlus is software designed specifically for students who want to learn faster and improve their marks. It goes beyond simple note-taking and organizing - it actually tests students on their notes so they can learn the information. RecallPlus Lite version is free and can be used to map your notes in 3D.

          Five advantages of learning with RecallPlus study software

1)   Organization/Mind Mapping as a study skill:
Common student complaint:  "my notes are in no particular order; I don't know where to start looking for that piece of information. In fact I don't even remember taking these notes in the first place. I may as well start again from the beginning."
       Educational experts' advice:  students should be encouraged to organize their own notes, as     the act of organizing increases their memory for those notes. RecallPlus makes it easier for  students to take notes in a manner similar to the way the mind organizes information.

2) Visual learning is a strong study technique.
RecallPlus has the ability to add in fact any kind of content you like to a Chapter of notes.
Copy and paste images, webpages, text instantly into it and they will be shown appropriately. It also has drawing tools, so if you wish to doodle on your notes it is easy.
You can add video and other file types to cards and they will 'play' when clicked on.

3) Sound added to your notes helps you learn faster
RecallPlus can in 30 seconds, record 20 seconds of your voice as an MP3 and add it to your notes!! It even has MP3 editing facilities!!
Stimulating the aural as well as the visual senses is useful for improving retention.

4) Tests only what you do not know- Tracking revision allows saved time during studying
By rating each piece of information based on how well you remembered it, RecallPlus is able to test you more frequently on the information you forgot and less frequently on that which you remembered. You will then be able to remember more information but will have spent less time studying.

5) Searching - avoid duplicating your study efforts
Common student complaint:  I already revised this material for the exam last month but I have lost all my notes from then, so now I will just have to start again from the beginning.

RecallPlus overcomes this problem by having its own easy search facility. You can check out this nice study tool by going to their webpage-

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RECALLPLUS – A good learning and study tool
« on: Jun 24, 2013, 09:11 AM »