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Job Title: Emergency Pipeline and Subsea System Coordinator

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: MPH Global Services

Resident status: – single: 6 weeks ON x 2 weeks OFF (6 days a week) – family: 5 months ON x 1 month OFF (5; 5,5 days a week)

EPRS: Emergency Pipeline and Subsea Repair System

The major activities of the EPSRS Coordinator cover the two main areas of emergency repairs, the conceptual strategy and the material management:

Conceptual strategy:

In line with Company Referential requirement and local organisation, puts in place the requirement of an EPSRS:

•   Finalise with all stakeholders the exact scope of intervention of EPRS, in particular with regards to subsea production units (valves, instrumentation, wellheads, etc…),

•   Establish the EPSRS technical guide, covering asset register, most likely failure scenarios and guide through the repair process,

•   Update components criticality ranking,

•   Define repair scenarios and develop repair methodologies covering from damage investigation through to re-commissioning,

•   Prepare detailed description of incorporable equipment to be used in case of repair,

•   Source qualified suppliers and indicate delivery schemes, schedules and costs,

•   Provide guidelines for storage and preservation,

•   Make recommendation for spares and contracting strategy,

•   Identify Contractors capable of managing repairs of identified critical failure scenarios,

•   Challenge identified repair solutions proposed by Contractors,

•   Identify necessary tools and procedures to manage repairs of identified critical failure scenarios,

•   Identify necessary spares,

•   In collaboration with DW and Port-Harcourt (PHC) Districts Technical & Logistics Departments, define material management strategy for EPSRS material,

•   Carry-out if necessary tests on repair solution to ensure soundness,

•   Organise training and sensibilisation of various entities potentially involved in an emergency repair to ensure preparedness of organisation, • Be the Technical Administrator (TADM) for EPSRS stock materials,

•   Be the custodian of EPSRS stock material technical supporting documents, e.g. mill certificates, material certificates, pressure test certificates, manufacturer certificates, etc…,

•   Be the guardian of EPSRS documentation quality assurance and quality control,

•   Establish synergies between DW Districts Asset EPSRS strategies,

•   Representing Company, participate in Work Groups on EPSRS matter with other Nigerian operators,

•   Prepare the EPSRS organisational procedure.

Material Management In collaboration with DW and PHC Districts Technical & Logistics Departments, establish a leadership position in order to ensure that:

•   EPSRS material is reviewed and inspected on receipt,

•   Dedicated preservation plans are elaborated and put in place per type of material, ensure markings are readable,

•   Regular inspection of EPSRS material is organised, result reports issued and subsequent action plans put in place,

•   EPSRS material is stored in specific and dedicated areas (open air, warehouse, confined environment…) as per Company Technical Authorities (TA) and manufacturers or suppliers storage recommendations,

•   EPSRS material and supporting documents are properly managed (UNISUP),

•   Regular inspection, maintenance, repair, replenishment and recertification of EPSRS stock materials are implemented,

•   Periodical (annual) reviews and update of EPSRS documentation are implemented.

Job Requirements:

•   Qualification (minimum MSc) in an engineering discipline with strong technical background.

•   Minimum of 7 years experience, preferably 10, in Oil and Gas operations and design.

Experience of North Sea operations + another geographical exposure in Deep Water (GoM, Golf of Guinea):

•   Worked with or for major pipeline or subsea Contractors.

•   Good knowledge in following areas: pipeline design, subsea design, pipeline layout operations, subsea operations, contracts, procurement.

•   Awareness in following areas in the oil and gas offshore business: risk assessment, marine design, marine operations, maintenance, inspection, design engineering, project, diving and ROV, quality. Language skills

•   Fluent in English. Computer knowledge

•   Conversant with usual business suites (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access).

•   Awareness of COMPANY in house tools: SAP, SYNERGI, Fame+, FOMTHI, T@lk Personal qualities

•   Rigor and critical sense, open-minded, keen to knowledge sharing.

•   Leadership and strong listening / communication skills.

•   Team working

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