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Food for thought - Women's Love For Money
« on: Jul 26, 2013, 08:41 AM »
Someone told me, one time that she had suffered too many too much and that she doesn’t think it would be a sin to ask God for a man that Is wealthy enough to take her out of that trap of poverty, cater for her needs and that of her family’s… I almost saw things in her light not until I had come to realize that you maybe lucky to have a spouse who is a money bag, who gives you all the things that money can buy but yet you feel so all alone with big house and no man to curl up to, to protect you, give you all of the emotional security that we need as women, you know!

With all of the findings I have had, I realize that in all of your getting, one should get love….!

One thing that cant be tossed out of the equation in relationship is true love which in my own opinion is fast eroding and if we don’t do any thing to savour it, we could be doomed.

And it looks to me that people no longer marry anymore for reasons other than financial security, physical appearance, social status and many other less important qualities and then love can come later, after all of these frivolous stuffs are met, yea!!

These are some of the reasons why love cant stand the test of time, these days! I just think those things are baseless and in no time the storms of life would come and blow them away cus that love is not deep rooted in something tangible.

When there is love, when love is the first brick in the foundation of friendship, all other things that you so desire alongside the relationship, like money, beauty, social status will begin to naturally surface as long as the partner you are with has got the potentials to pull off his money making idea and generate currencies in its real form even if his present status doesn’t smell money now… and that’s where a supportive woman steps in which is rare cus ofcourse, we want to take and take from our men and not impact or give what can make him better for you and your future(if you see the future with him though)….

Why? We want to look better than our mates or feel among…!

What we find these days in relationships can be liken to a man putting the cart before the horse! How do you expect the horse to move?

I hear some people especially women say, can love take care of responsibilities, pay bills, put food on the table, give you the comfort that life demands…?
You know what???? I say YES!
How???? I will tell you!
Now what love would make you marry a man with no dream, no vision, no game plan, no purpose… that’s simply suicidal… That’s a man who is blind and he will some day heavily rely on you for the rest of his life with you slouched over by his weight.

Of course, I am not talking about that kind of stupid love. A man with direction, clarity of purpose, a driving force and an impeccable zest to accomplish all of his life set goals and aspiration…! And to top it all up he is not just a dreamer but he has got all his game plans on papers, he is meeting his deadlines, executing his goals one by one… that’s the kind of man any lady with a brain in her skull should be with…

That’s the kind of love I am talking about… even if today he doesn’t smell like money but still he’s got his future all planned out and he is on his way to working them out and you are there to work out your own plans and goal side by side along his… both of you helping each other, supporting each other in your individual dreams…. And then growing individually to form an empire through thick and thin, kicking out all forms of distraction and not leaving one thing which of great focus in both minds, Love that cant be broken, with or without money!!!

Source: Edem Jane Lawrence of 96.9 Cool FM Abuja

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Food for thought - Women's Love For Money
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