Author Topic: Samsung outs dual-mode LTE Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini versions  (Read 229 times)


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Samsung has made big claims regarding its readiness to support developing LTE markets, and its most recent announcement of two new Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini variants supporting both FDD and TDD LTE networks confirms that sentiment.

As global LTE coverage expands, many markets are adding support for TDD-LTE networks, particularly in places where FDD-LTE technology is already in place.

The two dual-mode variants of the Samsung flagship and its compact counterpart are able to seamlessly switch between different types of LTE networks while maintaining uninterrupted voice and data communications.

Samsung's head of Mobile and IT JK Shin elaborated that the first commercially available dual-mode LTE handover devices will "will allow customers to fully enjoy the benefits of fast mobile data communications no matter where they are."

Samsung is vested in the LTE market more than simply through handsets. Through developing LTE infrastructure, its network gear division grew by some 30% since 2010, and is one of Samsung's more profitable ventures.

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