Author Topic: Beats Audio looking to buy HTC's stake in the company  (Read 163 times)


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It seems the HTC and Beats Audio partnership will soon be coming to an end. According to the sources at The Wall Street Journal, Beats Audio is thinking of breaking up with its Taiwanese partner by purchasing the latter's stake in the company.

HTC currently has 25 percent stake in Beats Audio, which Beats is considering acquiring. Secondly, Beats is also in talks with another investor that can rescue the company from its financial troubles by providing debt financing and possibly take a minority ownership in the company in future.

This means that HTC might soon be losing one of the key features it uses to market its phones. While the jury is still out on the actual desirability of this feature, it did form a major part of the phones' branding. On the other hand, those who disliked this feature now have a reason to rejoice.


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