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TWAS Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training
« on: Jun 10, 2011, 10:05 PM »
TWAS provides travel support for scientists from developing countries to carry out research at a research institution in a developing country (other than the home country).

•   The fellowships are for research and advanced training. They are offered to young scientists holding at least an MSc or equivalent degree.
•   Eligible applicants for the fellowships are young scientists working in any area of natural sciences who are citizens of a developing country and are employed by a research institution in a developing country.
•   There is no age limit. However, preference is given to young scientists at the beginning of their research career and those working in Least Developed Countries.
•   Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China, are not eligible host institutions under this programme. Applicants interested in conducting a fellowships in China are required to check whether their chosen host is a CAS institute. For a complete list of CAS institutes, see: . Applicants wishing to attend a CAS institute should apply to either the TWAS-CAS Postgraduate or the TWAS-CAS Postdoctoral Fellowship programmes.
Terms of the Fellowships:
•   The fellowships are offered for a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months.
•   TWAS covers international low-cost airfare plus a contribution towards subsistence amounting to a maximum of US$ 300 per month. No other costs will be provided by TWAS.
•   The host institution is expected to provide accommodation and food as well as research facilities.
Application and Selection Procedure:
•   Fellowships are awarded by the TWAS Fellowships Committee on the basis of scientific merit.
•   Applications should be completed in English.
•   Part 1 of the application form should be completed by the applicant and the head of the applicant's HOME institution, and sent to the TWAS secretariat. Material requested:
1.   the completed application form;
2.   passport-style photograph as a separate JPEG file;
3.   copy of passport page giving personal details (even if expired);
4.   the applicant's curriculum vitae;
5.   full list of publications (do not enclose reprints of articles!);
6.   letters of recommendation submitted separately to TWAS by two referees who are familiar with the applicant's work;
7.   proforma airfare quotation from a local travel agency for flights with the most direct and economic route.
•   Part 2 must be sent by the applicant to the head of the institution he/she intends to visit, together with a copy of Part 1 (for information). Part 2 should then be completed by the head of the host institution and sent to the TWAS secretariat.

NB: Applications cannot be considered unless Part 2 has been completed by the head of the host institute.

Method of Application:
•   Note that the Fellowships are provided for South-South visits only, i.e. for visits by researchers from developing countries to institutions in other developing countries.
•   Applications that are unsigned, incomplete, illegible or filled out in a language other than English cannot be accepted.

Applications should be sent to:
TWAS Fellowships Office
ICTP Campus, Strada Costiera 11
34151 Trieste, Italy
Phone:             +39 040 2240-687     
Fax: +39 040 2240-689

Application Form:
•   Fellowships for Advanced Research  Application Form

Deadline for applications: 1 October of each year.

Note: Applicants can apply for only one fellowship per year.

For more information: TWAS Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training — TWAS Portal

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TWAS Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training
« on: Jun 10, 2011, 10:05 PM »