Author Topic: You can now pre-order the Apple iPhone 5c, starting at $99  (Read 133 times)


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Just as announced on stage, the iPhone 5c is becoming available for pre-order as we speak.

Currently Apple is offering it on its website and taking pre-orders starting from $99 for 16 GB model and $199 for the 32 GB one. All colors are available as well as a non-contract SIM-free version from T-Mobile for $549 and $649 (16/32 gig). Delivery starts from September 20.

AT&T has the pre-orders up as well with the same $99 or $199 pricing duo as well as a $22 a month for 20 months option for the 16 GB and $27 for the 32 GB model via AT&T Next.

Verizon offers a monthly payment plan via its Verizon Edge. The iPhone 5c will be $23.06 or $27.15 depending on your storage choice.

T-Mobile has the iPhone 5c for $22 for 24 months and no upfront cost for the 16 GB model and the same $22 for two years for the 32 GB model only with $99 upfront.

China, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore as well as France, Germany and the UK expect the device to go on pre-order today as well.


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