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Job Title: Subsea controls Engineer

Employer: Brunel Energy

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas

Location: LAGOS, Nigeria

Continent: Africa

Market: Oil, Gas & Mining

Branch: Oil & Gas

Area of expertise: Engineering & Design

Function title: Subsea controls Engineer

Hours a week: 84

Account manager: Tamunomiebi, Ibifiri (+234 1 271 4022)

Vacancy number: ENERGY VC56576

General Responsibilities:

•   Reviews and provides client guidance to Contractor design efforts including but not limited to:

•   Meets the design requirements by participating and advising Contractor in Design reviews, Hazops, Risk Analysis and FMECAs.

•   Adheres to contract specifications and the Project Design Basis

•   Maintains a high standard of quality and reliability by monitoring performance and taking action when necessary.

•   Develops FAT, EFAT, SRT and SIT procedures

•   Develops of qualification test program on non field proven equipment

•   Stewards and influences timely and effective resolution of contractor’s interfaces

•   Develops software logic and safety logic together with client Operations

•   Meets the project schedule requirements.

•   Participates in Design Reviews/Risk Analysis and HAZOP meetings etc associated with the control system/umbilicals.

•   Develops System P&IDs with Contractor/EM Operations

•   Develops System C&E and Interlock Schedules with Contractor/ EM operations

•   Develops FDS for the MCS software with Contractor/EM Operations.

•   Develops FDS for SPCU, HPU and SESD3 equipment with Contractor/EM Operations

•   Participates in development of FDS for IWOCs

•   Reviews Contractors Quality/Test and Inspection Plans

•   Reviews the Contractor’s technical deliverables, specifications, drawings, DFO etc

•   Monitors activities and information flow particular to interface management—identify potential problems and aid development of recommendations.

•   Reviews/Assists in development of Contractors’ FAT, EFAT, SRT and SIT procedures.

•   Reviews/Agrees proposal by Contractor in the qualification testing of non field proven equipment

•   Assists Contractor in developing the Insurance, Installation and commissioning and 2 year operating Spares requirements.

•   Visits Contractor’s locations periodically, to review component testing thro to FAT of completed equipment.

•   Works closely with Contractor/Operations in the software testing to identify compliance with specification requirements/interlocks and C&E requirements.

•   Participates in Subsea Controls/Umbilicals SIT at Contractors locations.

•   Works closely with Contractor/EM Operations in the development of the Static Commissioning Procedure and Commissioning procedure.

•   Participates with the Installation Group/Installation contractor in the installation of the Subsea Controls Equipment and umbilicals

•   Stewards the offshore Static Commissioning effort.

•   Helps Operations develop a displacement/flushing procedure for pre-start up

•   Stewards the offshore Commissioning and Start Up of the Satellites project

•   Reviews/Accepts Contractors Mechanical Completion Dossiers, and O&M Manuals, for the Subsea Controls and Umbilicals equipment.

•   Assists Operations in the ongoing Installation and Commissioning of additional Wells after First Oil up to handover date.

•   Compiles a Lessons Learned Dossier for Subsea Controls and Umbilicals.



•   BSc or MSc in related Engineering field

•   Overall fundamental understanding of subsea production systems and systems level engineering.

•   Good project management and project execution skills in handling multiple contractors, multiple projects and large number of internal/external interfaces.

•   Subsea project Design Engineering experience preferred (minimum 5 – 10 years)


If you have any questions regaring this vacancy or the applying procedure in general,please contact Tamunomiebi, Ibifiri on telephone number +234 1 271 4022

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