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How to Speed Up your Joomla Website?
« on: Oct 07, 2013, 03:31 AM »
 Joomla is considered to be an essential tool for the web designers. It is a framework with which you can develop and integrate different components in order to build a feature-rich and professional web site. The flexibility and easy to handle features makes Joomla one of the most popular CMS. But, lately the major concern raised about this framework is that it makes the sites slow, why is it so?

Related Articles   Joomla Website Optimization for Better Speed and Performance   Joomla Website Development India: Incredible Website Development With Extra Advantage!   Industrial Advantages of Joomla Website Development   Having a Joomla website makes good business sense    In real, Joomla is not slow on its own, but you need to set it up and make use of the in-built options to boost up Joomla performance. It is also up to the users to get the optimum performance of Joomla by tweaking the settings. With recent changes made by Google, a lot of Joomla website admin are really concerned about the loading speed of the websites. Also according to the search engine algorithms, the slow loading disadvantage of Joomla will also affect the ranking of the website. However, for many of the Joomla webmasters, speed is only the secondary concern and the prime importance is given to attractive design of the site. However, speed and performance are of course the prime consideration in order to keep your website ahead in the highly competitive web platform.

Some of the major factors affecting the Joomla performance are;

1.Firstly, the performance and speed of Joomla is highly dependent on the template chosen as well as the add-on modules and plug-ins.

2. Also the CSS images as well as the JavaScript functionality (sizes) have a critical impact on Joomla performance.

So to effectively speed up Joomla, some of the basic tips to be kept in mind are;

1. Cleaning the CSS codes can boost up the Joomla performance.

2. The activation of in-built Gzip and Cache can speed up a Joomla site.

3. Compression of the CSS and JavaScript files as well optimization of the images can improve the speed of Joomla.

The key question, which you should consider is that, whether there is any point in having a visually appealing and graphically feature-rich website if it takes 30 seconds to get loaded? We will further discuss about 5 useful plug-ins, which you can make use of in order to speed up the Joomla websites.

JotCache: A plug-in, which actually replaces the standard Joomla Cache with a faster alternative. This plug-in also compress the older contents to Gzip and clear the selected caches without clearing the entire website.

JavaScript Control Plugin: This useful plug-in can disable the Mootools-core.js / Mootools-more.js etc., which are actually causing significant slow down of Joomla websites. By disabling these, the pages can load faster. The plug-in allows you to go through each of the components and see which options of the site can load without them and in turn load only necessary scripts.

ScriptMerge: It is another unique plug-in, which combines all the similar files into one and thus, prevent you from running multiple JavaScript and CSS files performing similar functions. It allows you to get the CSS and JS merged and also compress rarely used CSS and JS files. For the files, which cannot be compressed, this plug-in also allows you to exclude such scripts and load only the necessary files.

Content Static: Plug-in which converts the Joomla web pages into static HTML pages. This can speed up your website loading by leaps.

Phil Taylor's SPEED UP: This is a very nifty application, which ultimately speeds up the admin console of your Joomla site when you want to add new post or update the website. This is in no way affecting the speed of the site when the users are accessing it.

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How to Speed Up your Joomla Website?
« on: Oct 07, 2013, 03:31 AM »