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Job Title: Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Employer: SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited

Categories: Drilling, Managers, Operations

Location: Offshore

Job Information   Reports To: Rig Manager

Department: Drilling

Supervises: MODU Senior Management ie. Barge Master,Toolpusher

General Summary: The Offshore Installation Manager is the person in charge of the MODU at all times and is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of all persons on board the installation.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

•    In overall charge of the MODU and responsible for its safe and efficient operation.

•    Ensures compliance with approved Annual Plans, goals and objectives.

•    Directs the training and emergency drills of all personnel aboard the MODU to ensure readiness for emergencies and compliance with regulatory requirements.

•    Ensures mobilisation from one location to another are well planned and safely executed.

•    General knowledge of all operations being performed on the rig

•    Knowledge of current applicable legislation and certifying authority requirements e.g.:-

•    General requirement of OHS

•    MODU code

•    SOLAS Requirements

•    Chairs the daily organisation meeting by prioritising, directing, directing and delegating planned activities

•    Evaluates the general condition of the MODU and frequently inspects individual ares.  Implements additional maintenance, repairs or cleaning to ensure safe and efficient operations

•    Undertakes audits and inspection as per SeaWolf audit and inspection procedures.

•    Participate fully in all safety initiatives and safety programs.

•    Participates in all safety meetings, including weekly, pre-tour and pre-job/toolbox meetings.

•    Monitors personnel and equipment under their control for compliance with statutory requirements and SeaWolf policies and procedures.

•    Ensures personnel under their control receive appropriate training and development.

•    Ensure they themselves attain a full awareness of ongoing operations.

•    Ensuring all personnel, under their supervision give a clear and accurate report of work status, their responsibilities and duties to their relief.

•    Communicate pertinent matters pertaining to the operation and equipment under their control to their relief at shift and crew changes

•    Responsible for ensuring all personnel onboard undertake safety induction training and receive instructions on hazards relevant to their positions.

•    Responsible for organising, directing, and controlling fire and rescue teams during emergencies and training drills and exercises as per posted Station Bills.

•    Ensures facilities for effective command and control are maintained.

•    Develop a “Well Control Plan” for the MODU.

•    Promote safe working practices.

•    Ensure effectiveness of Planned Maintenance System.

•    Ensure compliance and adherence to SMS policies, procedures and guidance on the MODU.

•    Implement the required actions on Safety Alerts, Bulletins and Document Transmittals.

•    Work safely, act safely and take reasonable care for personal health and safety, and that of others.

Minimum Experience/Education Level Required:

•    Must have a current certificate of proficiency by an accredited well control school as well as an OIM License.

•    Must have at least five years experience as Rig Superintendent on a comparable unit.

•    Must have under gone appropriate training and hold qualifications approved by the Country or State of registration.

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