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Business Partner - Lagos Job at a Gym in Nigeria
« on: Nov 11, 2013, 07:31 AM »
Job Title: Business Partner

Job opening ID: 36    

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Type: Full time  

Employer: Gym  

Recruiter: Skill Enhancement Centre (SENCE) Limited / SENCE World

Roles and responsibilities:

The following are the roles and responsibilities for this role:

• Will be in charge of membership sales, managing equipment and instructors.

• Coaching and training staff.

• Taking care of financial operations — managing expenses and generating revenue.

• Supervising fitness classes and creating fitness plans for clients.

• Responsible for the upkeep and running of a gym.

• Ensure that it is a safe place to train and is successful as a business.

• Will be involved in almost every aspect of the gym’s performance-from overseeing promotion to interacting with customers.

• Design and promote activities to meet customer demand and generate revenue; advertising and promoting the club or centre to increase usage, which may include commissioning and considering market research.

• Recruit, train and supervise staff.

• Carry out health and safety checks on the equipment and site.

• Manage maintenance, insurance, repairs and cleaning.

• Maintain high levels of customer care, often with a particular focus on avoiding loss of existing users.

• Handle complaints and incidents, e.g. accidents and emergencies, theft.

• Deliver some fitness training or coaching in sports activities – often a good way of maintaining contact with customers.

• Prepare and check budgets and generate income.

• Cash-up and keep stock records.

• Purchase equipment and supplies.

• Use advanced management information (e.g. footfall, popularity of classes by hour) to improve provision and timetables and cope with fluctuations in demand.

• Write monthly or weekly reports and prepare cash projections for centre owners or more senior management.

Skill set:

• Excellent communication skills.

• verbal and writing skills.

• Must know how to create a fitness plan, and be physically fit.

• Good time management and organizational skills.

• Should be outgoing and able to motivate others.

• Emotional intelligence.

Work experience: 2-3years

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Business Partner - Lagos Job at a Gym in Nigeria
« on: Nov 11, 2013, 07:31 AM »