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Head of Well Engineering Job at Eni Nigeria
« on: Nov 11, 2013, 03:31 PM »
Job Title: Head of Well Engineering

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Employer: Eni Nigeria


•   To lead the group which shall have the ownership of the engineering support referred to the Drilling and Completion activity. Ensuring the proper support to the overall cycle of activities performed by the Well Oerations Dept. , through preliminary studies, detailed operational programmes, participation in HAZID/HAZOP-risk analysis exercises, assistance during HSE audits, analysis of the operational performances, reporting for all the activities performed by the Well Operations Dept., including drilling, completion-well testing, intervention and stimulation. Responsible for ensuring tha the Well Delivery Process is properly followed and coordinated with the Subsurface and other Groups involved.

•   It is responsibility of the Drilling and Completion Engineering Group to ensure that the work processes are planned and designed in accordance with the requirements and controls as stated by ENI E&P manuals and procedures, and good oil field practice.

•   The WOEM shall provide regular interface with HQ Well Operation Engineering department for technology transfer or seeking dispensation.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

Engineering support with feasibility studies and special operations programs;

•   Contribute to the optimization of the drilling, completion, intervention and stimulation programs as required.

•   Ensure that standard procedures related to the drilling, completion and well testing activities are properly applied.

•   Preparing studies and special operational programmes as necessary.

•   Providing the engineering supervision and support to rig operations during the implementation of the activity. Ensure that the planning of critical activities is done simulating each single operation with the proper software with the objective to locate and anticipate critical items and risks.

•   Preparing, in co-ordination with Contractor and suppliers, detailed plans for special/non routine operations to be performed at the well site.

•   Ensure reporting on the operations on-going as well as the End of Well Reports is prepared in compliance with company standard.

Optimization of the drilling, completion and other well related operations;

•   Ensure that the work processes are planned and designed in accordance with the requirements and controls as stated by the ENI E&P manuals and procedures.

•   Make sure that the lessons learned are properly and methodically captured and implemented in programs and procedures.

•   Ensure that the required feed back (positive and negative) is obtained following each operation and the performance of contractor is methodically captured.

•   Make sure that the AAR (After Action Review) is implemented following each drilling phase and following each fundamental step of the completion and intervention activities.

Planning and monitoring the efficiency of the drilling and completion activity;

•   Provide support to the Well Operations Manager in preparing “Activity Sequence Planning” referred to the Well Operations part

•   Identifying materials and service needed to effectively achieve the planned activities, highlighting constraints and shortcomings if any and eventually indicate alternatives. Monitoring planned vs. actual performance indicator (e.g. time vs. depth, cost/m, etc.) either vs. internal and competitor’s benchmark; perform analyses of the operations in order to identify drawbacks and weak points and allow for prompt and effective corrective actions.

•   Compiling budget as directed by the Well Operations Manager. Recommend necessary financial commitments / contracts.

•   Approving & processing of invoices in line with Company procedure.

Risk analysis of the drilling, completion and other well related operations;

•   Identifying and evaluating hazards associated with the performance of the operations being planned; elaborate and propose mitigating measure so that all risks are within the stated level.

•   Identifying and securing resources to execute the work programmes.

•   Participate to the HSE meeting with both, internal departments and with all major contractors.

•   Performing, whenever required, HSE audits to ensure compliance with Company’s standards. Prepare HSE reports

QA/AC and Specifications implementation to all well operation related activity;

•   Co-ordinate and lead to approval the preparation of specification to submit for tendering equipment for the drilling and completion activities. Make sure that the tendering evaluation procedures are duly prepared and coordinate the tendering evaluation group.

•   Ensure that the QA/QC surveillance is done properly and with the objective to improve service contractors performances and reduce the non productive time.

•   Liaising, If requested, with Partners, third parties, contractors and suppliers and authorities to ensure smooth running of the well operations.

•   Interfacing with Well Engineering in Head Quarter, verifying the “tuning” between development drilling and completion, and the ongoing operational activity managed by District Well Operations.

Being responsible for a team of expats and local Engineers the job holder will ensure that:

•   The staff is annually assessed and developed in accordance with HR guidelines and will write staff evaluation reports.

•   The staff is developed, by means of training and delegation of responsibilities, in line with their career route and tutoring the local staff

•   The staff is motivated and the responsibilities are allocated such that they have job satisfaction and will perform in accordance with their potential.

Safety Responsibilities:

Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment., by abiding by

•   National Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations

•   Company Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and applying Company Safety Management Systems.

The job holder will also have the following specific responsibilities, to:

•   Identify risks and hazard related to the activities

•   Elaborate risk reduction plans and ensure that the assessed risk matches the stated acceptance criteria

•   In conjunction with the HSE Dept. and/or third parties, prepare the requested HSE cases

•   If required, participate to HSE audits, conformance/non conformance reporting.

•   Preparing the necessary documentation to apply for dispensation from procedures should this be required by contingent reasons.

•   Participating as a member of the Emergency Response team

Main Interfaces:


•   Contacts shall be held with the “Sponsor” of the activity being planned/implemented. Typical Sponsors are: Exploration dept., Development/Reservoir Eng. Dept. , Procurament Dept. ,HSE, Logistic and Permitting Dept’s.

•   In addition needs to maintain effective interface with the  Well Operation Engineering in Head Quarter

External: During the planning/preparation stage contact shall be held with providers of materials, equipment and services with the scope of ascertain availability and budgetary estimates of such. During the implementation stage contacts with appointed Contractors shall be aimed at detailed planning of operation, HSE and performances assessment.

Desired Skills and Experience:

The job holder must have;

•   A degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent.

•   notable years of experience with oil/gas well construction and engineering  

Other factors:

•   Experience in drilling carbonates, and highly over pressured, sour reservoirs (only for HPHT projects).

•   Experience with working in ecological sensitive offshore environments (Only for Deep Water projects).

Required Competencies:

The job holder must have proven:

•   Well developed communication and man management skills.

•   Experience as a member of an emergency response team

•   Good user knowledge of computer programmes and systems.

•   Ability to coach and develop national staff.

•   Good command of English, both written and verbal

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Head of Well Engineering Job at Eni Nigeria
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