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Job Title: Loading Master

Location: Nigeria  

Employer: Marine Offshore Company

Recruiter: Triage International  

Reference: VAC-280

Job Sectors: Shipping & Marine

Salary: Salary negotiable

Benefits: Excellent Benefits

Town/City: Nigeria

Contract Type: Permanent

Job Summary:

• Responsible for crude oil transfers, settling operations, ballasting I de-ballasting, inert gas operation on FPSO

• Responsible for offloading operations on the FPSO,

• Responsible for all cargo related activities including tank cleaning, purging, venting, gas-freeing, gas testing, tank preparation for entry, tank entry for IMR inspection or other operations as directed by Marine Superintendent

• Manages the Pumpman activities

• Provides assistance to the Pilot as required,

• Deputise for the Marine Superintendent position if required.


• Plans, controls and monitors the loading of produced crude oil and inert gas operations,

• Controls produced crude oil distribution in tanks,

• Measures and monitors sediments in cargo tanks

• Manages planning for tank heating and Crude Oil Washing,

• Manages ballast transfer operations and stability including trim, heel, mooring loads and hull stresses of the FPSO,

• Keeps proper records of all export tanker operations and offloading data during export,

• Monitors and controls cargo and ballast tank displays and metering unit and sampling unit when cargo offloading is in progress,

• Prepare and coordinates all operations related to cargo tanks or ballast inspection/maintenance (IMR) and preparing and filing all associated documentation

• In charge of management of maintenance of cargo equipment including ordering new parts and spares

• Inspection of site vessels, when required,

• Has the authority to require specific actions to be carried out by the Operation or Production Supervisor with respect to FPSO stability, trim, heel or hull stress for the distribution of produced oil or ballasting operations

• Assists with the volume calculations for the export batch,

• Responsible for cargo related reports as reqd by DPR and NNPC and filing management

• Maintains records of weekly soundings of voids and cofferdams.

• Is the interface with Quantity Surveyors,

• Pilots the export tanker to/from mooring point (loading buoy or tandem position) if required.

• Acts as FRC coxswain

Context And Environment

• Rotation status: 5 weeks on I 5 weeks off

• Employed offshore on the FPSO.

Qualifications required

• STCW 95 Class 1 Certificate (Deck)

• GMDSS General Operators Certificate

• A minimum of 10yrs service on oil tanker VLCC, FSO or FPSO with 3yrs as chief officer or master

• FRC coxswain certificate

• BOSIET Certificate

• Languages: English

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