Author Topic: Giveaway - Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the rural setting with Windmill 3D Screensaver.  (Read 264 times)


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Find yourself in a peaceful rural setting, far away from the hectic city life. You are in an ideal place to wander about, relax and discover the variety of lovely countryside views. Take a tour around a traditional Dutch farm with a magnificent brick windmill, one of the major local attractions. Surrounded by gorgeous fields of red and yellow tulips and lush green meadows you will feel especially close to the beauty and harmony of nature.

  • Full 3D environment;
  • High-quality animation;
  • Extremely realistic, colorful graphics;
  • Find yourself in an ideal place to rest and relax;
  • Relaxing music and nature sounds;
  • Digital Clock;
  • FPS counter;
  • Gorgeous traditional Dutch windmill;
  • Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the rural setting!
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