Author Topic: Scam Alert: FYI - Cashier Check of $800,000.00 USD  (Read 2886 times)


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Scam Alert: FYI - Cashier Check of $800,000.00 USD
« on: Jun 23, 2011, 08:27 AM »
For God sake, I don't know when these spammers will stop sending this kind of message. Imagine! This bloody spammer waiting for me to pick up a flamboyant check that I don't know anything about. If she wants to leave Nigeria, she can go to hell. I don't care.

Please always be conscious of these people as they use different tactics nowadays to defraud. Learn from this and share your own story!

Beware & Be Warned!

FROM: CPavlovsky  <>


I have been waiting for you to pick up your Cashier Check of $800,000.00 USD (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) before I leave the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but you did not show up as I did not hear from you. I am writing to inform you that I have deposited your cashier check with UNITED PARCEL SERVICE there in Nigeria.

For your information, I'm now in Japan to resume my new job offer and will not go back to Nigeria till next year. Please you have to contact the United Parcel Service of Nigeria to know when they will deliver your package to your resident address in your country.

Note that I have paid for the security keeping fee. The only money you will have to pay is the shipping/handling fee which only cost $80.00 US Dollars to receive your check parcel as agreed with them.

Don't be deceived by any body because I have paid for the security keeping fee before they accepted the Cashier check.

Please contact the company with their below details:

Name: Emily Caparas
Tel: +2348055516808
Contact Email:

Thanks for your attention.
Ms. Cathy Pavlovsky
Please refer all your emails to as I might not be able to access this email account until I resume office in a year time.

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Scam Alert: FYI - Cashier Check of $800,000.00 USD
« on: Jun 23, 2011, 08:27 AM »