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Job Title: IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Recruiter: Deep Blue Energy Services Limited (DBESL)

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas


• Follow-up of the detailed engineering, procurement, manufacture, FAT, EFAT, Stack-Up Testing and delivery of the IWOCS and Intervention Systems related equipment for Client and any future, associated field developments and to ensure compliance with Contract requirements and specifications

• Ensure implementation in his/her own discipline of all HSE and QC requirements and report on any deviation

• Actively follow-up SPS Contractors actual progress against all planned activities required for completion of the IWOCS and Intervention Systems equipment. Ensure that the Contractor is focused on, and expedited to, meet its delivery commitments.

• Establish a clear plan with Contractor and monitor actual progress, highlighting any slippages. Propose recovery methods and work with Contractor to ensure implementation

• Approval of IWOCS and Intervention Systems related documentation in accordance with the Work Time Schedule requirements.

• Monitor the interface with other disciplines, principally the XTree System, and Packages, especially Drilling and Completion, to ensure cross-package and inter-contract compliance. Ensure that any cost and / or schedule changes to agreed designs emanating from or impacting the IWOCS and Intervention Systems equipment design are identified. Highlight such changes, providing assistance to quantify any cost and schedule impact to the SPS Delivery Manager.

• Manage the Company Project team, engineering and QC, dedicated to the IWOCS and Intervention Systems elements of the SPS Package to ensure the technical, budget and schedule objectives for the IWOCS and Intervention Systems are met and that the responsibilities of the Service description are discharged

• Continuously evaluate Company IWOCS and Intervention System workload and identify resources or the means required to meet Contract objectives to the SPS Delivery Manager.

• Review and management of Contractor resources and organization in line with evolution of Project , identifying that they are adequate (and competent) for achieving the associated discipline works

• Instigate and manage regular progress meetings with Contractor, and provide weekly and monthly reports to SPS Delivery Manager, highlighting critical problems and identifying related schedule and cost impacts

• Assist the SPS Package Manager in the analysis and resolution of Change Order Requests.

• Monitor and advise on Third Party Procurement, evaluating supply chain performance and compliance of same with Project requirements

• Monitor and expedite the timely disposition of Deviations, Concessions and /or Derogation requests as they effect the IWOCS and Intervention Systems

• Participate to the identification of Risk effecting the Project within the Risk Management Plan and follow-up and manage those related to the IWOCS and Intervention Systems

• Monitor the tracking systems for Delivery of equipment. Highlight and expedite Contractor to remedy any issues that may effect planned dates for availability of equipment at various locations.

• Review and approve for signature the Interim Certificates for the IWOCS and Intervention Systems, ensuring that Contract requirements are met.

• Participate to or organize any co-ordination meeting necessary to fulfil the Service responsibilities

• Prepare in coordination with the SPS Package and Quality Managers, the QA/ QC surveillance systems to be put in place; monitor Contractor’s obligations and performance in accordance with plan

• Liaise with Package QA Manager for the management of surveillance activities within the IWOCS and Intervention Package

• Contribute to continuous compilation of lessons learned database for Package. To be updated on a monthly basis. Database to be maintained by Subsea Controls Engineer.

• Review and evaluate the need formally convert lessons learned for entry into Company QFN and REX databases.

• Prepare close-out report for IWOCS / Xtree Package


• To fully comply with office security, health and safety instructions.

• To stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings.

• To report to Management on any issue they may face or observe and propose way of improvement.

• To also take care of colleagues safety and behaviour without hesitating to intervene as much as necessary.

• To give his own input and making sure the workplace is safe (obviously clean and tidy).

• In doubt to ask questions to gain clarification.

• To fully comply with Security rules about Travelling in Nigeria.


•   As lead influence, the IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead’s primary focus is required to be on delivery of the IWOCS and Intervention Systems in accordance with Contract requirements. The objective of the role is to obtain on-time delivery, within budget and to specification. The IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead will be required to monitor and pro-actively follow-up all aspects of the SPS Contractor’s performance that participate to the achievement of this objective. The IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead will be assisted in his endeavours by a Lead Engineer, support Engineer, QC / surveillance team and inter-discipline specialist support.

•   The IWOCS and Intervention Lead will report to the Client’s DGM SPS for the initial part of the Detailed Engineering Design Phase during the development by the SPS Contractor of design documentation in compliance with the Exhibit E Design Dossier. The reporting line will change as the IWOCS and Intervention systems move into the Construction Phase of the Project and the IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead’s focus will be targeted towards procurement, fabrication, assembly and test activities. The IWOCS and Intervention Package Lead will then report to a Delivery Manager who will be tasked with coordinating all delivery related, SPS Package activities.


•   The Project is a challenging Contract, both technically and with respect to execution strategy wherein a high quotient of work shall be conducted in-country, from engineering through to construction and test. This requirement is reflected by the location of the SPS Package Management and Engineering Design teams in Lagos and in the requirement to construct all subsea manifolds and assemble 75\% of Xtrees and Wellheads System Package.

•   The SPS Package is, in essence, a “delivery” package with equipment from the SPS Package being installed on or by facilities designed / provided by other Packages. The on-time delivery of SPS equipment is essential to ensure that “receiving” Packages are not adversely impacted. The SPS team’s organisation will be structured to reflect the selected Contractor’s organisation. Accordingly, the SPS Company team will be aligned into Technical compliance and Equipment delivery; the former will monitor Contractor performance to ensure conformance with the engineering specifications whilst the latter will be tasked with assuring execution of the work is conducted in accordance with Contract objectives and requirements.


• Education: Professional engineer

• Qualification: 10 to 15 years experience in IWOCS Subsea Systems.

• Previous experience of Company / Operator Representation during similar type project execution is a distinct advantage

• Mobility: Placement is primarily in Kongsberg, Norway with regular trips expected to Scotland where much of the equipment will be sub-contracted and also to Lagos, Nigeria for coordination with SPS Management and Engineering teams.

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