Author Topic: TEN REASONS TO BE THANKFUL FOR 2013  (Read 1774 times)


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1) If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your body, a roof over your head and a place to sleep ..... Be Thankful ! Many starved to death in 2013.

2) If you are alive today with more health than illness. Be Thankful !

3) It was hard to proceed to University and find a job after graduation, but even before you graduated, the Lord provided you one. Remember, many are still searching . Be Thankful !

4) It was hard to step out of Nigeria for greener pastures, many died in the sea trying to cross over the Atlantic ,many crashed and many tried before you and are still trying . Do you think you are better than all of them? You are not, It is only that his mercy is on you and the Lord softened your path, you tried once and got through. Be grateful !

5) It was hard to further your studies abroad , many gave up. But, step by step, the same Lord took you through. Be thankful !

6) Wasn`t it hard to find a spouse (wife or husband) ? Oh yea ! Very hard, especially a good one, but the Lord gave you the bone of your bone. Many are still in the trial and error stage . Be thankful !

7) Wasn`t it hard to give birth ? But the Lord helped you - We heard your voice and we heard your baby`s voice . Not everyone had that grace. Some voices were never heard. It could be you . Praise him for your case ! Pray to God to restore those voices for those that were never heard.

 It was hard to cope with daily family expenses and responsibility, but somehow, the Lord, never allowed you to lack. It is a miracle !

9) It was hard to secure a stay abroad after your studies- Many are now back home against their wish. Yet in his appointed time, he permanent you and your family . Why aren`t you just thankful ?

10) What is not hard on this mother earth ? Why are you not just thankful of what God has done for you already in 2013, rather than complain about the ones he hasn`t ? Life is not about complaining hell and brimstone nor pain and sorrows, It is about a thousand other reasons to be thankful to our creator .

Eni ba mo inu ro , a mo ope da . Dupe ti e ! Those who can think and reflect deeply, will know how to be thankful and grateful . Be thankful !

Year 2014 is another year to ask God what you want. Ask wisely and be thankful afterwards. HaPpY NeW year to all my family and friends. Welcome to 2014, may the Lord make our path easy.


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