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Job Title: Mechanical Superintendent – Nigeria Nationals

Job ID: 2000812  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Employer: Transocean Offshore USA Inc

JOB TITLE: Superintendent – Mechanical (Mobile)

REPORTS TO: Manager Technical Field Support Aberdeen

DEPARTMENT: Technical Field Support


Description of the roles basic function;

•   The mobile team will be used to provide a quick response time to assist with rig issues and assist with the 24 hour support center overflow.

•   The mobile team will prepare and will be available to travel to the vessels within the divisions and across the fleet when required


1.   Maintain ready to travel status and provide on site rig based support within 24 to 48 hours of a major safety or downtime event with technical expertise to reinstate operations. (Authority II)

2.   On shore support required by the Aberdeen field support.  (Authority II)            

3.   Communicate with Rig Maintenance Supervisors and mechanical maintenance personnel, regarding equipment failures and assist in facilitating the repairs while evaluating and recommending preventive measures to prevent future failures.  (Authority II)

4.   Provide support when needed to other rigs in other divisions of the Company; communicate maintenance experience and information to other assets (info-sharing). Support maybe technical reviews, overhauls and inspections. Support maybe throughout the divisions within the fleet.  (Authority II)

5.   Provide local, immediate trouble shooting assistance that cannot be resolved remotely by 24 hour center as required. Support maybe required to assist on site within the 24 hour center or remotely within the division.  (Authority I)

6.   Ensure organization works within the company systems (CMMS, GPS, GMS, etc.) to document work and ensure improvements are captured within the company systems and policies. (Authority I)

7.   Review relevant Maintenance and Equipment Standards produced by the Corporate Maintenance Group – identify best practices and disseminate / utilize each time deployed in the field.  (Authority I)

8.   Participate in promoting the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concepts and identify condition-monitoring techniques for use in Operations. (Authority I)

9.   Participate in the evaluation of Equipment Failure Reports with other members of the Field Support Group.  (Authority I)

10.   Participate in company training initiatives, technical training courses and maintenance seminars – identify possible technical training courses based upon filed interaction with rig personnel.  (Authority I)  

11.   Supervise/mentor hands on/train members of the rig maintenance  Team while onboard rigs assisting with trouble shooting / repairs to equipment.              (Authority II)

12.   Assist with FAT’s Inspections and technical reviews when required.         (Authority II)

13.   Support the local field support with class and regulatory issue when required.    (Authority II)

14.   Assist with client requests on and offshore locations.     (Authority II)

15.   Support the Major spares and equipment exchange program by reviewing FAT documentation and overhaul procedures.  (Authority II)



Authority I: To act.

Authority II: To act but inform the person to whom he reports to and other interested parties.

Authority III: To consult before acting.

EDUCATION: Engineering degree or equivalent training and experience.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 10 years related industry experience, experience in equipment repair and trouble shooting focused on service and investigations.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have an excellent understanding of offshore operations and requirements of a support organization.  General understanding of country-specific/regional requirements to ensure the organization is prepared to deliver an efficient service in all areas of operations.


Directly Supervised:  

Indirectly Supervised:    



INGENUITY: Considerable ingenuity is required in identifying organizational performance and ensuring proactive measures are taken to deliver required service quality levels and metrics at all times.

DECISION MAKING: Acts to reach sound technical decisions concerning technical problems evaluates and recommends to management actions which have significant operational and financial consequences.

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