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Job Title: Business Development Leader  

Job Number: 141294

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Organization: Sales

Job: Sales/Business Development

Employer: Visa Inc.


1. Purpose

Provide VISA’s leading Acquirers with support, from opportunity assessment to execution that will drive increased revenue and Merchant Sales Volume (MSV) through the defined Acceptance Strategy for West Africa and neighbouring countries. Success in this role will be measured by several factors including: growth in Visa revenue, VISA sales volume, growth in point of acceptance devices deployed in market, growth in geographic expansion of card acceptance and channel expansion.

2. Principle Responsibilities/Key Results Area

Develop and strengthen Acquirer Bank Clients through delivery of enhanced product support

•         In partnership with CEMEA Business Development, support and strengthen the VISA client relationship to achieve business goals and objectives.

•         In partnership with CEMEA Business Development, contribute in the evaluation and the prioritisation of Acquirer Bank requirements and opportunities to drive both volume and revenue growth.

•         Contribute and support a comprehensive CRM process that includes detailed Acquiring account plans and call reporting to strengthen VISA Client relationships

Expand Acceptance into new merchant sectors

•   In partnership with CEMEA Marketing and Business Development, secure the commitment of Acquirers to identify and target under penetrated merchant sectors.

•   Lead the implementation of VISA’s acceptance strategy; working closely with the Acquirers to increase the numbers of merchant outlets accepting VISA cards in both new and existing sectors (e.g. grocery, petrol, utilities).

•   Lead the development and execution of suitable commercial solutions to achieve acceptance growth, (as measured by number of acceptance outlets, sales volume and share of spend) in new and existing sectors.

Expand acceptance into new channels

•   In partnership with CEMEA Marketing and Business Development, identify channel specific opportunities, develop an approach and formulate targets for capturing under penetrated payment channels with Acquirers. (e.g. mPOS, Kiosk, Bill Pay Portals)

•   Support  the roll-out of innovations within the merchant acceptance environment such as the deployment of pay Wave ( contactless) infrastructure , online authentication standards such as Verified by Visa  and  new security solutions that support payment security compliance

Contribute to the development of the Acceptance Marketing strategy and plans

•   Contribute towards West Africa marketing plan targeted at merchants that takes into account  the acceptance strategy, competitive landscape and Acquirer business objectives.

•   Ensure the Acceptance marketing plan and strategy is effectively communicated to and understood by the relevant stakeholders in the sub-region.

•   In partnership with CEMEA Marketing team, provide input into design and implementation of marketing and promotional activities to enhance usage and activation.

Establish and manage budget requirements for the Acceptance Development – Acquirer/ Merchant  function

•   Deliver detailed budgetary plans which are built bottom-up and regularly reviewed, maintaining a flexibility and resilience to cater for local market dynamics.

•   Prioritise and secure the optimal allocation of budget for Bank Acquirer  and  Merchant related activities to support the achievement of business objectives (e.g.  Marketing, infrastructure and strategy execution).  

•   Direct and coordinate the implementation of the sub-regional plans within the constraints of the budget.

In conjunction with the Hub based staff, manage the provisioning of consultancy, education and sales support to relationship management

•   Provide professional advice and consultancy to senior level management in key client’s banks covering both tactical and strategic products and marketing aspects for Acceptance Development.

•   Provide training and support to relationship management staff.

•   Provide qualified sales support for individual members.

•   Represent Visa by speaking at conferences and business meetings and undertake media and public relations activities.

Represent Visa at Industry forums , local payments association and merchant associations.

•   Represent Visa at the respective Payments Associations in West Africa when it relates to all matters pertaining to merchant acceptance and acquiring

•   Represent Visa by speaking at conferences and business meetings and undertake media and public relationships activities.

3. Strategic Nature, Mgmt Accountability, & Scope

This role will play critical role in management and implementation of Acceptance Strategy in West Africa that will require for the projects to be managed achieving the goals.

4. Decision Making & Complexity

Accountable for decision-making and implementation of the Acceptance strategy in West Africa.  Individual is responsible for the production of executive management reports, briefings and other related communication products.

5. Financial & Organizational Scope

Must have superior strategic, analytical, project management and communication skills.

6. Reporting Relationships & Interactions

This individual will be expected to interact effectively will all levels of Visa management and staff. This position will involve frequent interaction and communication with key Visa acquirers.

7. Key Competencies

•   Leadership Skills

•   People management skills

•   Superior negotiation skills leading to timely and acceptable resolutions

•   Client relationship and management skills

•   Solid interpersonal skills and working with cross functional teams

•   Exceptional verbal and written communication skills – Development and preparation of executive level briefs

•   Self-directed and motivated

•   Able to work with little management oversight

•   Strategic management and creative thinking

•   Analytical in thought processes


8. Required Experience (education, skills – professional/technical/business)

Education: Bachelors’ or MBA economics/business or related field with marketing foundation

Skills – Professional/Technical/Business

•   Retail banking/financial services sector or card acquiring business experience.

•   Knowledge and understanding of banking operations and/ or payment schemes, including products & services, business systems and processes

•    Ability to identify key strategic issues and to generate and deliver creative and innovative solutions to problems and opportunities

•   Strong commercial acumen with previous product line P&L responsibility is a plus

•   Strong communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills are needed to influence direction and change attitudes and decisions of senior level international bankers

•   Strong self-management skills including demonstrable drive and energy

•   Sales experience and proven negotiation skills

•   Multicultural sensitivity and interpersonal relationship management, including the ability to work effectively within APCEMEA, between regions and with Worldwide Services staff

9. Preferred Experience (education, skills – professional/technical/business)

Preferred Education: Graduate School/MBA

Preferred Years Experience: Retail banking/financial services sector or consumer card business

Preferred Skills – Professional/Technical/Business

1) Basic project management skills

2) Prior experience leading meetings and effectively delivering presentations to large industry audiences

3)Experience with strategic planning, creative thinking and solution development

4)Excellent time management skills and ability to achieve goals with minimal management oversight

5) Demonstrated organizational skills

10. Other Comments


Actively contribute to the development of the Products & Marketing department through sharing of information, coaching, support and on an ad hoc basis actively managing Region wide projects.

Establish, maintain and develop good relationships with Regional colleagues, management in Worldwide Services and other regions to ensure that global initiatives and best practice throughout Visa are effectively introduced across CEMEA.


As with all positions within Visa CEMEA the jobholder is responsible for the security of the Visa CEMEA environment and the physical security of all Visa property, documentation and member information.

Health and Safety

Give full support to the Company’s health and safety policy and ensure that the policy is effectively implemented and all relevant health and safety legislation is complied with within their area of responsibility and within budgeted resources.

Business Continuity

Give full support to the Company’s business continuity policy and ensure that the policy is effectively implemented.  Ensure familiarity with business continuity plans and support all relevant activity.

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