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E-Mail traffic Type:
« on: Oct 17, 2009, 08:51 PM »
Take note of this statistic: it can cost you triple (or more) to attract a new customer than it costs you to retain an existing one. This is why businesses build lists in the first place. It's a proven fact that repeat sales will make up the bulk of your profits. It's also proven that the average prospects needs to see your message somewhere between 7 to 11 times before deciding to buy. You must get your visitor's email address when he visits your site, so you can follow up with him.
Otherwise, he's probably gone for good. Email remains the number one method of communication between subscriber and merchant because it is versatile, it is cheap and it is ridiculously simple to use. When you own your own opt-in list, you can promote your business in
whatever way works best – whether it's through a special offer, an email course, or a steady flow of quality news. It's up to you. The point I really want you to get, though, is that you can not reach through your screen and compel that lost visitor to come back to your site. You can compel your subscribers to make repeat visits and repeat purchase by reaching out through e-mail.
In order to squeeze the most out of your list, you need a good autoresponder system – one which allows you to track open rates and click through, and to split test your mailings (e.g., one version of copy goes to 100 members, the second version goes to another 100 members).
Once you've run tests on a batch of copy through your list, you've got another valuable promotional tool at your disposal: ready-made, pre-optimized copy to funnel to all new subscribers. Considering the low overhead cost of both third-party (remotely hosted)
autoresponder solutions and flat fee autoresponder scripts, this is dirt cheap traffic, testing and tracking all rolled up into one. Armed with this data, you can roll out your promotions with confidence because you've zeroed in on the exact mix of copy and call to action that gets
the most sales. If you aren't running your own e-mail list yet, you're leaving embarrassing
amounts of money on the table. It's not just the conversion data you get from email that's valuable. It's the lifeline between you and people with open pocketbooks. Think about it. Outside of email, what else is available to you for serious product promotion? Articles, perhaps – but you're still at a loss when the visitor leaves your site. There are lots of great tactics out there for traffic generation, and advertising for URL and brand awareness. But do any of those outlets offer you unlimited space for preselling, setting up your pitch, making your offer? Certainly not Adwords. There's not enough space. Plenty of space on your website but, again, what can you do if your prospect's browser crashes or she has to answer the phone and forgets about your site?
Nothing. So heed these final words: unless you've got Amazon-sized traffic coming to your site, you pretty much have to have a list of potential prospects in order to survive. Oh, and by the way, even Amazon collects email

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E-Mail traffic Type:
« on: Oct 17, 2009, 08:51 PM »