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ICT (Information Communication Technology) officials; entrepreneurs; broadcasters, and satellite, wireless, telehealth, and emergency communications professionals who are proficient in English and employed in the public or private sector of a developing country are encouraged to apply for USTTI training. While substantial practical experience in a country's communications infrastructure is required for all training, a post-secondary education and/or university degree in telecommunications, broadcasting, management, engineering, or electronics is also beneficial. Educational background, professional experience, achievements, and current job responsibilities must be clearly described in the "Work Experience" section of USTTI's Application for Training. Additionally, candidates should focus on the experience and goals section of the application, as these sections are critically reviewed by our course sponsors.

How to Apply:

Those interested in applying for training should do so via the USTTI web site, Applying online guarantees the quickest processing time. Another option is to fax or mail the application form found at the rear of the USTTI catalog. PLEASE NOTE: Due to lengthy visa requirements, USTTI urges applicants to submit applications at least sixteen weeks before the beginning of their first desired course.

Applications received after the sixteen week deadline will still be considered, but are less likely to result in acceptance. Applicants are reminded that their USTTI application must be fully completedand include current office, fax, and mobile phone numbers, at least one valid e-mail address, and contact information for two relatives living in their home country as well as any in the United States, if applicable. Incomplete applications may not be considered. For those applying via fax or mail, applications should be typed.

Applicants should carefully review the course descriptions provided in the catalog and apply selectively for only those courses that are most appropriate to their experience, responsibilities and goals. Applicants should take special notice of the available course sequences, which provide an opportunity to maximize the training experience by attending several consecutive courses.

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