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Lab reports are usually as a result of an experiment conducted in the lab. Usually, students are given an experiment to conduct on their own and expected to write the results of their experiment as part of a lab report. This therefore requires them to be skilled enough in writing a lab report to ensure that their work is presentable and satisfactory to whoever gave them the assignment. Students should know that even if the experiment has been done well in the lab, if their report is not up to standard, the supervisor will never be convinced that they did the experiment in the right way and following the right procedures.
The format of lab reports is usually the same. The right format of the lab report must be followed. It is something universal and the student should never use another format apart from the normal one used by so many people unless the student has been advised otherwise. If the student is not sure of the right format to use, they must consult their department or their supervisor to ensure that they don’t go off course. The format generally consists of the title page, the introduction, the materials and reagents, procedure, results, discussion, conclusion and references.
There are important precautions that the student must follow to ensure that they deliver a writing that meets the standards required by their supervisor. The following precautions are necessary and must be observed by the student:
•   The manual is provided by the department or the supervisor and however important it may seem to be; students should not paraphrase or quote directly from the lab manual provided. They should use their own words and their own phrases. Any quotes should be cited from reference material which will be indicated at the end of the lab report. This makes the work authentic, and instills confidence in what the student is doing.
•   The student should record the data from the experiment directly and immediately. This shields the student from forgetting the details of the results. Some results come only once during the experiment and cannot be duplicated to achieve the same results.
•   If the experiment includes mathematical calculations, the student should ensure that they include the formulae and step by step process of their calculations. They should ensure that they show their work and in such a detail that anyone can perform the same calculations using the process and achieve the same results.
•   When giving references, the student need to use the right citations. There are different types of citations including APA, Harvard, MLA among many others.  Students should use the right citations. In this part, the student should ask the department concerned on which type citations they need to use.
•   Always indicate any possible source of error. Random errors do occur.
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