Author Topic: Junior Achievement poll result of Most Admired Entrepeneur  (Read 1132 times)


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In a recent poll by Junior Achievement, Steve Jobs placed top as entrepeneur most admired by teens:
Forget Oprah; Jobs is Teens' Most Admired Entrepreneur - - Business Technology Leadership
Steve Jobs Founder of Apple and Pixar Maker of Famous Animations | Beviga

Oprah Winfrey placed prominently as well.

Jobs, along with Wozniak, was behind the Appe ][ which launched the desktop revolution and changed small and large business forever -- for the positive.  He was also behind the Mac, which brought the GUI and the mouse to the mainstream.  He founded NeXT.  And he bought Pixar, turning it into the success we know it as today.  Most know him for the iPod and the iPhone. 

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