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Attributes of a Good Woman
« on: Jul 25, 2011, 03:58 PM »
Most of men's problem is finding a good woman. Some men have been deceived and dazed by a woman's looks, at some point in their lives. Many of them have wasted countless hours and spent fortunes chasing after women who lied to them and basically treated them like dirt. Some regret the lost opportunity to the marry a woman who was not exactly physically attractive but was a good woman.

Below some attributes of a good woman:

1. She is family oriented: She has a close relationship with her family and avoids bad worldly external elements that may taint its sanctity and purity.

2. Compassionate and gentle: Avoids yelling and hurtful confrontational words that can later cause long term damage and resentment.

3. She has a big heart: Thinks about others and knows how to talk to them and treat them.

4. Unselfish: Considers you in every situation. She does her part of the work in the relationship to make it strong.

5. Good with kids: If she is unable to be patient and understanding with kids, it is quite possible that she will not be able to be patient and understanding with you.

6. Cooks and cleans well: Women are virtually useless if they do not have domestic skills. Don't get me wrong, men should learn these things too. It's just that you should expect this from women just like women expect a man to buy her a drink. They naturally attain a gift for maintaining life at home with every gentle touch. What a beautiful thing.

7. Patient: Sometimes this may be difficult given that time of month but a good woman will have patience. She will not rush you into saying "I Love You", living together or getting married in the first week of the relationship. Watch out for women who rush into things without giving it some time. Nine times out of ten it's not because you are "different from any other guy she's met", and has done this many times before.

8. Sense of humor: If she has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh most of the time. This is a big plus. Her willingness to have fun and play around. Pillow fights, air hockey battles, bowling, play wrestling, dancing, and singing are among some simple examples. Life is not that serious all the time so we must learn to drop our corporate grown-up act occasionally. We are all still children.

9. Tactful with class: One way to tell if a woman has tact is the way she eats. If she devours food and acts as if nothing else around her exists, that's not good. There is nothing more disappointing than a female slob.

10. Can enjoy and appreciate the simple things: A good woman should be able to enjoy the simplest things in life. Sitting down together and talking over some tea or wine. If she is not able to enjoy the bare minimum, it's time to look for somebody new. A good woman appreciates what she has been given. It's the simplest things in life that count.

11. Hard working: Is positive about her job and works hard at it. Does not complain and nag about work all the time. Knows how to save her money and spend it realistically (not caught up in lavish living unless affordable). She does not use your money all the time and belittle you for not having enough.

12. Honest: A good woman is not afraid to tell you the truth even though you may not like it.

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Attributes of a Good Woman
« on: Jul 25, 2011, 03:58 PM »