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Make $100 From This Social Site
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Get Paid For :

For Being a Pro Member with Flexible Matrix
For Each Referral
Per Click Search Engine $0.10/click - $1.50/click
For Post Up To $0.30
For Reading Up To $0.30

Review of Celoy !

1.How much can i earn ?

You have several different revenue streams and you'll get

Paid for being a guide

Paid for each referral

Paid per click search engine $0.10/click - $1.50/click

Paid for post up to $0.30

Paid for Read up to $0.30

Paid for visit up to $0.06

Paid for being a Pro Member with Flexible Matrix

Paid for Network

If you can't make it here,you can't make it anywhere !

Get paid for being a guide to newcomers and /or old Members (up to $8.00) New and old Members that are still regular could use your expertise what you already know as Pro Member of celoy and to help them out,Celoy pays you up to $4 with matching additional up to $4.00 Bonus ( in total up to $8.00) each month after you explain them how it works and how can they benefit most here at celoy.Ask them to lock your ID in.

Get paid for each Referral (up to $8.00)

Celoy pays you up to $4.00 with matching additional up to $4.00 Bonus (in total up to $8.00) each month for each referral you refer.Ask them to sign through your referral link.

Get paid for post ( up to $0.30 per post )

Get paid for posting promos and advertisements for your sponsors and/or your business in Groups where Group owners allow it.You'll get up to $0.30 for each post.Get paid for reading messages (up to $0.30 per Message)

Get paid up to $0.30 for reading Messages posted from other Advertisers.You can check daily in your account for new posted messages loaded with advertisements,promotions,coupons,discounts,new opportunities and other stuff.

Get paid for visits ( Up to $0.30 per visit )

Get paid each time you visit a group up to $0.06 per each visit.Only unique visits count,if you visit same group 10 times per day,only first visit will be counted.

Get paid for being a Pro Member with flexible Matrix

Upgrade is just to prove you are serious,when you upgrade you pay with Points or with Money and get immediately deposited same amount into your account which you get back with Instant Pay.

Either you pay with 2000 Points or with $20.00 as soon as you click on verify button,you will see deposit of $20.00 in your account.

For this confirmation we'll reward you paying you up to $100 per month for each referral line ( your referrals Pro network).You can get with 30 serious referral lines 30 X $100 per month.With more referral lines this amount of course increases.

I have done my research on this program and i did not find any bad comment about it.From the looks of things,the members are mostly US residence and are adults.
There is a Paypal and Alertpay option.There is no minimum payout and you need not request for payment,the admin will send it to you on 1st or 4th of every new month.
Note this,the $20 or 2000 points is for one Month upgrade.If you work real hard,you can make $200 from this site.You can also make money from their sister site that deals with auction programs.
Come,let's help each other on this site.If you need more information,write me on goldencharlly2011@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and i will send you the explanation i wrote down myself.

Sign Up here :

celoy | Create an Account

As soon as you sign up and activate your account,go to statistics and click on Verify/Lock.Enter my Id-5936 as your guide and i will guide you on ways to earn at least $200 a month from the site.
Do let me know if there are other questions you wanna ask.