Author Topic: In Love! How long would you wait for one person?  (Read 829 times)


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In Love! How long would you wait for one person?
« on: Jul 28, 2011, 08:16 AM »
Assuming you were at the airport to say a heartbreaking good bye to a guy or girl you love and both of you have dated for 5 years and the relationship seems to be heading for marriage,just maybe he has proposed to you. Just then he got a good job offer abroad and he has to be in another country far away from you for maybe 3 years or more......the question that often face us is “How Long can you wait”?

Maybe this might sound not to clear about its meaning, but I am asking about loyalty, and how long will “loving a person” last? Will this passion persist forever? I was once in love with a girl before, but she might not see me as the person she would spend her whole life with. From what I see and feel, she only treat me like a regular friend; But my love toward her never whittled. As time goes on, and on, I felt like my loyalty toward her will persisting forever, but I don’t see that same love and support,loyalty toward me. well this are my personal experience,yours might be better or we might be on the same plane...”

Maybe just the same happen to a girl who has been so much in love with a guy who care less or who just don't see the affections the girl's showing toward him.

As I can see some people, even though they have someone who would love them and support them behind their back, they still not feeling enough. They still having an affair besides their marriage. Is this because they spend too much time together, the loyalty and passion for each other gradually disappear, or becoming less and less each day? It was like eating a candy first time, it tastes great. If you taste it the second time, it is less great than the first time.

Gradually, you will lose your interest on it, and you would rather have something else? Would a love and passion toward someone will be the same? I don’t know whether I am a loyal person in love, and have the passion for my love forever or not. But am sure most people have there sad story or good story about waiting for someone and ended up been disappointed....well love is good but its also nice to watch before you leap so you don't end up waiting endlessly.

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In Love! How long would you wait for one person?
« on: Jul 28, 2011, 08:16 AM »