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1st Call Vienna International Post-Doctoral Training in Molecular Life Sciences

Deadline: May 1st 2010

How to apply:
Please use our online submission form for your application. Click here to apply online!

Letter of Recommendation:
For your application we ask you for 2 or 3 letters of recommendation. These letters have to be sent by your refeeres to . Please encourage your refeeres to put the text “NameApplicant – Recommendation Letter” to the subject heading of the e-mail so we can definitely relate the letters to your application. The letter of reference – signed and printed on official letter paper – should be emailed before 1 May 2010 to An information sheet for the letter of recommendation can be downloaded here.

Eligible faculty:
You find a list of all members of the eligible faculty here. Please indicate at the question “Scientific interests & motivation for joining the program” up to three members of the eligible faculty.

Editing your application:
After your application you will get an affirmation e-mail with all your application information. If there are any mistakes or information missing, you can edit your application during the application time. Click on the link in your affirmation e-mail and you will be able to edit your application.
If you don’t get an affirmation e-mail please contact the VIPS office
If there are any changes concerning your contact dates after the application period, please contact the VIPS office.

If there are any technical problems or if you have any questions concerning the application please contact:

You need to have a successful PhD in molecular life sciences or a related discipline (MD, Mathematics, Physics, etc.) and be determined to follow an academic career in research.
You must hold a doctorate degree or equivalent before the start of the PostDoc-training but not necessarily when applying.

There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of the applicants.

All costs incurred during the selection process (traveling and stay in Vienna) will be paid by VIPS.

CAUTION: You have to have a valid passport as further selection processes (interviews, etc.) will take place in Vienna, Austria.

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