Author Topic: Graduate Programs in Energy Sciences for International Students in Korea  (Read 904 times)


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The Department of Energy Science (DOES) is pleased to invite international students who have passion to conduct cutting edge research and make breakthroughs in energy sciences, proposing solid solutions for the global energy crisis. Having two types of graduate programs: Combined Master’s/Doctorate Program and Doctorate Program, DOES provides all the students with a waiver of full tuition fee (approx. USD 6,000 every semester) and monthly subsidy of 700,000 Korean won from their advisor.

a. Applicants for Combined Master’s/Doctorate Program should have earned a degree that is equivalent to a Korean bachelor's degree or should be supposed to obtain a bachelor’s degree by August 2010
b. Applicants for Doctorate Program should have earned a degree that is equivalent to the Korean master's degree or should be supposed to obtain a master’s degree by August 2010

Application Procedure:
1. Initiate a contact with a DOES faculty member whom you hope to be your advisor* and discuss with him on your application.
(*the person who will guide you throughout your coursework, research, and thesis assessment and also who will be a provider of your monthly subsidy)
2. Submit the required documents by post by May 3, 2010, and send the application fee. The list of required documents and the process of sending the fee can be viewed below.

Required Documents:
All the applicants are required to submit the following list of documents :

a. Application Form Papers: Download the Forms
    1) Complete all the forms with required information: application form, self-introduction, study plan, letter of consent, and letter of request.
    2) Print out the completed forms and attach a photo on the first page of the forms.
    3) Preferred length for the two essays, “self-introduction” and “study plan”, is 2-3 pages.
    4) In the form “letter of consent”, you should fill out all the blanks.
    5) In “letter of request”, you need to fill out from “Date” to “Student ID Number” on the first half of the page.

b. Notarized Photocopies of Degree Certificates
    1) Bachelor’s degree certificate for applicants of the Combined Master’s/Doctorate Program
    2) Both bachelor’s and master’s for applicants of the Doctorate Program
    (If you haven’t received a degree certificate yet, whilst expecting one by August 2010, an authorized letter to prove the degree certificate issuance is required.)

c. Transcripts
    1) Those of your undergraduate program for applicants of Combined Master’s/Doctorate Program
    2) Both undergraduate and graduate programs for applicants of Doctorate Program

d. List of References and Recommendation Letter(s)
e. Photocopy of Your Valid Passport
f. Birth Certificate

    Chinese students are required to submit notarized copies of “Hukou” and family certificates

Application Timeline:
a. Application Submission Deadline: May 3 (Application Documents should arrive by the date.)
b. Announcement of Successful Candidates: June 10

For further information and application: Graduate Programs in Energy Sciences for International Students in Korea

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