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Does He Really Love Me?
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[float=left][/float]Here is a chance for you  to peek into your man’s mind and see how he comes to realize he’s falling in love with you. He’s dated his fair share of women, and he has always kept his options open, but lately he’s been wondering if you just might be “the one,” with whom he would like to share the rest of his life with.

1. Consider his future thoughts. He starts thinking about the future and you’re in it—his future once meant he had a date on Saturday night, but with you, the future seems definite. Not only does he plan to see you this weekend, but he wants to see you a year from now. Also, when planning his next vacation, he finds himself making plans with you in them, and when his best friend gets married in six months, you’re his date.

2. Note whether he's making room for you. Other priorities take a back seat—He use to work out religiously, but lately, when you're free for dinner, he doesn’t mind missing his workout. Not only that, but his workaholic tendency of bringing work home on weekends to get ahead seems a bit excessive to him now, and his “to do” list is not as important as it once was to him.

3. See if he is softening when it comes to you. He doesn’t mind compromising today—there was a time when it was his way or the highway, but with you it’s suddenly different. He doesn't mind missing “a night out with the guys” anymore, and he doesn’t even mind going to see that French movie in sub-titles. He even takes some good-natured taunts from his friends, when secretly they wish they were in his shoes.

4. Note if his spare time is mostly time spent with you. He loves spending time with you—this one is pretty obvious but important, nonetheless. He looks forward to seeing you, and it doesn’t matter what the two of you do as long as he gets to spend time with you; in fact, those long walks you like so well are okay with him too. He now finds that when he is not with you, he is thinking about you constantly.

5. Watch his field of attention. He doesn’t notice other women as much. Although he can’t help but notice a beautiful woman when one walks by, now that he’s so in love with you, many of them slip by, and to him, in his mind, they don’t even compare with you. Better yet is the fact that he doesn’t flirt as much as he used to. He is coming to realize that you’re the only woman that really matters to him and your feelings matter to him too.

6. Note the sparks. You have great chemistry—you can’t be in love with someone you don’t have chemistry with. He seems to always be on the same wavelength, and you both have similar thoughts, which is a great sign.



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In my view, the actions of man, rather than words, will really tell if he is in love with his partner/spouse.

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thats true and you are right,but remember emmy guys  can be very good actors when they want something or wanna trick a girl to fall for them or sleep with them....;so sometimes actions are deceptive and too much words are a balance in both will be a good idea in any relationship..:)


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You are right! "Sometimes actions are deceptive and too much words are confusing". It takes a smart lady to balance both and figure it out, to truly know if a guy's action and words are true.

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yes,i totally agree with you on this points..:)