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There are a number of ways you can get funding to help you afford your stay in Sweden.

The Swedish Institute, a government agency, each year administers approximately 150 scholarships for students and researchers coming to Sweden to pursue their objectives at a Swedish university or university college. The number of available scholarships varies from year to year, and competition is keen. Most foreign students in Sweden finance their stay without help from scholarships. There are several kinds of SI scholarship available. The main difference between them is their application procedure. You first need to decide which kind of scholarship fits your intended studies, and then follow the relevant application instructions: The scholarships comprises the Visby Programme, the Swedish-Turkish Programme, the Caucasus / Central Asia / Moldova Programme and the Guest Scholarship Programme

Eligibility: You are not eligible for this scholarship if any of the following are true:
•   If you will have lived in Sweden for two or more years when the scholarship period is due to begin.
•   If you have a Swedish permanent residence permit.
•   If you have a Swedish work permit and you are not an EU citizen.

There is no age limit for scholarship holders. You do, however, need to be fluent in English. You may apply even if you are already studying in Sweden, provided you meet the above criteria.

Study period: The maximum scholarship period is a two to three academic year, but they are usually granted for one academic year (nine months) at a time. They can also be awarded for study periods of shorter duration. The scholarships are intended to finance a temporary stay in Sweden.

Fields of study: Scholarships are granted for studies in all subjects. There are no scholarships available for basic, introductory or intermediate courses.

Scholarship benefits: At present the scholarship amounts to SEK 7,500 per month for graduate and research students and SEK 9,000 for holders of a PhD degree. This sum of money is designed to cover the living expenses for one person only. There are no grants of any kind for family members. The Swedish Institute against illness and accident insures the scholarship holder during the scholarship period.

1. SI Master's Scholarships

These scholarships are intended for guest students coming to Sweden to pursue master's studies at a Swedish institution of higher education. They are open to applicants from all over the world, except for students from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway).

How do I apply for this SI scholarship?

When you apply for admission to a master's programme at a Swedish university or university college, you can at the same time apply for a scholarship from the Swedish Institute.

There is no separate application form for the SI master's scholarship. Do not send SI any master's scholarship requests or applications. You need to directly tell the school you are applying to that you would like to be considered for an SI scholarship. Some institutions let you indicate this on their admission application forms.

In other cases, you will need to attach a letter to your admission application that spells out your request for an SI scholarship explicitly. Send your completed application for admission; including the request for an SI scholarship, to the institution you would like to study at. They will process your scholarship request. The application deadline for the scholarship is the same as the application deadline for the master's programme you have chosen.

NB: You may also apply for an SI scholarship if you are already studying in a master's programme. Ask your host institution to recommend you to SI. Priority is given to new students, however. Recipients from developing countries may also apply for a partial travel grant.

2. SI Scholarships for Advanced Study/Research

The Swedish Institute sponsors foreign students pursuing advanced study, a portion of your PhD studies, or post-doctoral at Swedish universities or university colleges. They are open to applicants from all over the world, except for the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway). These scholarships are intended to finance the following:

•   Individual advanced university level courses (not introductory or intermediate courses), or
•   The middle or concluding portion of the studies required for a PhD degree already, or
•   Post-doctoral research or studies for holders of a PhD degree.

How do I apply for this SI scholarship?

You are responsible for first making contact with a Swedish university or university college. Typically, contact is established via yourself, your professor or an academic advisor at your home university. Before you apply for the scholarship, you need to make sure that the institution you intend to study at is willing to accept you. Then, you need to collect these documents:

•   A letter of invitation from the Swedish host institution written by a professor or academic supervisor stating that you are accepted as a student or researcher for a specified period of time.
•   A concise description written by you of your intended subject and purpose of study or research.
•   A curriculum vitae or résumé outlining your previous studies, degrees and knowledge of English.
•   Two letters of recommendation by professors or academic supervisors.
•   A completed application form. Be careful: There are four different scholarship programmes, listed below. You need to choose the application form for the programme best suited to you. You may only apply for a scholarship from one programme. Forms and details can be downloaded from here, or you can request that forms be sent to you via regular mail

Send the above documents to the Swedish Institute, Box 7434, SE-103 91, Stockholm, Sweden. Application deadlines depend on the particular scholarship programme you are applying to. Do not send these documents to the school you intend to study at. If you do, they will not be processed. You will be informed in May or early June whether you have been selected for a scholarship.

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