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The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) was established through Act 35 of 1999 as a vehicle for the institution and regulation of health insurance in the country. The Act set out broad objectives for the Scheme which range from promotion of easy access to healthcare services to assurance of qualitative healthcare delivery especially within the Health Care Facilities (HCFs) network of the Scheme.

The NHIS has within the past years conducted regular accreditation of Facilities at all levels of care, With the expansion of the Scheme’s programme across the country and in order to consolidate on the attainment of qualitative healthcare delivery, the Scheme intends to engage specialists of healthcare delivery for the conduct of accreditation at secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare.

JOB: Medical Consultants

Under the overall supervision of Executive Secretary, NHIS, the specialist will be expected to perform the following duties among others:
a) Provide technical support to the NHIS accreditation teams
b) Create synergies among the members of the accreditation teams to achieve efficient and effective operation of the exercise
c) Contribute any operational framework that an lead to high performance, and efficient accreditation exercises.
d) Contribute to and support team report writil and decision taking

Specialties in which applications are invited from consultants/experts are in the following fields:
1. General Surgery (NHIS/09/CONs 1)
2. Subspecialties in Surgery (NHIS/09/CONs 2)
3. Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NHIS/09/CONs
4. Internal Medicine (NHIS/09/CONs 4)
5. Subspecialties in Internal Medicine (NHIS/09/CONs 5)
6. Paediatrics (NHIS/09/CONs 6)
7. Dentistry (NHIS/09/CONs 7)
8. Radiography (especially CT Scan/MRI (HIS/09/CONs 8).
9. Physiotherapy (NHIS/09/CONs 9)
10. Psychiatry (NHIS/09/CONs 10)
11. Laboratory Science (NHIS/09/CONs 11)
12. Others Specify….. (NHIS/09/CONs 100)
Experience in monitoring and evaluation of healthcare services and facilities will be added advantage, Please note that this is not a advertisement for regular employment into the HIS.

The NHIS hereby invites applications from suitable qualified specialists to participate in the accreditation of HCFs at primary, secondary tertiary levels on ad-hoc basis. Interested applicants should clearly indicate the specialty they are applying for and attach their CVs which should include qualifications, current address, email and telephone -number. Applications are to be forwarded preferably by email to or to

The Executive Secretary,
Plot 297, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent,
Off Solomon Lar Way,
Utako District,

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Re: National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Recruitment
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This job vacancy is still open. Apply today if interested and qualified before the deadline. Goodluck!


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Re: National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Recruitment
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Hello Dianna,

Please send your application directly to the recruiting company through the email provided. We only offer free info on reliable jobs and vacancies for people's benefits, we are not responsible for recruitment purpose.

Thank you.

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Re: National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Recruitment
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