Author Topic: 10 Ways To Catch a Cheating Boyfriend or Husband (For Ladies)  (Read 1290 times)


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There are many things that a man will do while he is lying to you about something. Most times you can "tell" that something is going on but you just can't put your finger on it. Well we are going to discuss a few things that he may do while crumbling under the pressure of lying about his cheating so that you may better protect yourself.

1. His mouth is the only place that you will see any facial expression. You won’t see any movement in his forehead or eyes. Usually, when someone is lying they have to concentrate quite intensely to make sure that they "seem" natural... What happens though is that their concentration appears very unnatural and can give them away.

2. He will be expressionless aside from his face. His body will show very little movement in his arms or torso… Along with the concentration in his face, his body will generally be motionless as well. If he does move, it will be exaggerated and forced.

3. He will usually touch his face when lying and at times night rub his throat and scratch his ears or nose. When someone lyings, their brain literally cause blood to rush to their foreheads, eyes and lips as a subconscious response. This will result in an itching of their face.

4. His body language will mostly be slumped as he feels uncomfortable about standing upright. Subconsciously he will feel negatively inside and it will be readily apparent in his physiology.

5. His facial gestures will NOT match the specific content of his speech. For example, he is smiling while explaining how badly he feels for you being upset. Again, this incongruity is due to his forced control of his responses and his language. The result will be unnatural.

6. If he is really innocent, he should become OFFENSIVE instead of DEFENSIVE. Your incinuations should be very bothersome to him and he should go on the offensive if he is actually innocent.

7. His head movements are robotic... Again this indicates mentally forced, conscious movement in his head as he speaks.

8. The time interval between his gestures and his words will be off. As an example, if he tells you that he's angry, his facial gesture will come a second or two late.

9. He will not make eye contact during his conversation with you. When he does indeed make eye contact, it will be almost exclusively when he answers your questions and it will be a hard stare.

10. His body language will be facing away from you. His feet, legs, hips and chest will be pointed to the side, away from you.

If you find that your boyfriend or husband is displaying any or all of these signs while you are discussing something it is probably due to an indescretion he has engaged in and you should dig deeper.

Regain your independence again... Be happy again... It's not your fault that he is doing this. Get the information you need to quickly, easily and one and for all end your pain at How to catch a cheating boyfriend.


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