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                         Are you looking for ways to make money online or you are confuse on what to do that can bring you money ? I want you to know that,if you read this message and act on it,you will be making at least $200 monthly online like i am doing at the moment.I just bought a brand new laptop that cost me N100,000 from these programs.You too can get yours working on them within a short time especially if you are only having a mobile phone for your online browsing.These programs are enough to be your main source of earning just as they are for millions of people.

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                  With the little knowledge or information or experience working online,i have made up my mind to make internet my source of income for life.I am still in school,when i am through,you won't see me searching for job.The internet is enough for me to sustain me and my future family.What about you ?

                                                       Now to the programs :

          You need to know that they are easy to understand and they are all proven programs.Your earnings depends on how you work on them.There are people earning more than $10,000 ( Ten Thousand Dollars ) from them all.It is simply because they understand what they are required to do before they start what they are required to do before they start earning money and they worked hard towards that amount of money.You can be like them too.
The programs or sites included in this message are real,you won't be disappointed when it comes to payment.You can read reviews about them on Google.Don't fool yourself by having the view that you can't earn much from them.Get to Google and see for yourself how much members are making every month.If you are into selling online,joining these sites will boost your business alot.

                                                               The sites are :

1. DoNothingClub - This is one of the easiest,free sites to work on as at now.It embraces all countries.Wherever,Whatever,Whoever you are,won't stop you from being a member.Method of payment won't be a problem because the one the site is using are available to all countries.It is not a Paypal restricted site.

All this site is about are Completing Offers ( Which are available Worldwide ), Clicking on Ads,Investing on it Matrix Program,Referring New Members,Advertising etc. All these are a good source of money.It is a site that combines up to five earning ways.The good thing about it is,you can work on it as a free member.You are not required to pay for anything before you can earn.It's ads rate is 2cents and there are over One Hundred ( 100 ) ads to click on everyday.Offers are over fifty ( 50 ) and you will be earning some percentage of the earnings of those you bring to the site for life.You can also invest with it and you will earn good money from that amounting to thousands of dollars.

If you are really looking for ways to earn online,you need to join this one.

                                              Register Now - Do-Nothing-Downline-Club Home Page for charlly007

2.Dailycash - This is purely a Matrix ( investment ) site and very unique.I called it " Unique " because it is offering the highest profit or percentage for investments as at now.All you need to do here is invest with minimum of $10 and you will be getting 3% daily - $0.30 everyday.You will be able to get your Principal ( Money Invested ) back within a month and week.It is not a HYIP program but Matrix.Method of payment are Alertpay and Libertyreserve which are available in all countries.

The money invested will also serve as a means of buying credits on the site which you will use to advertise your programs or sites to thousands of people.It is serving two purposes,Investment and Advertisement.You will also be paid 10% of whatever those you referred ( those that joined through your referral link ) to the site invested for life.This is another means of raising money on the site.Payments are being done everyday,no waiting for weeks or months.Check the site and see proves of payment from other members.

Note that : The site is using Alertpay as one of the means of payment,you can use it,for it gives users the opportunity of getting their money back if any site scam them.This should give you the assurance that your money is safe on this site.

                                          Register Now -

3.Be a Wizard and Earn Thousands of Dollars - This is a social site that you can make lot of money from as a member.Since you have being using Facebook before,you won't have any problem with it.You will be earning money fro Posting Comments on Profile Walls,Adding Friends,Adding Photos and Videos,Referring new members etc.This site is also what many people who are earning online are using as their main source of income.The program was constructed in a way that all members will benefit.You cannot loose.

Payment is through Alertpay and is monthly.First day of the following earning month.You need to know that,there are three types of Membership on this site.

They are :




Magician is free and can only earn by referring Wizard member,Genie cost $15 and Wizard cost $25.

As a wizard,you will be getting a share of all revenue the site generates in a month.Your activities will also earn you money.The activities will be calculated with Points and will be converted to Raw cash at the end of the month.Maximum Point a member can get is 6,000 in a month.If you are only able to get 2,000 Points in a month,you will make more than $50.If you are actively using the site and you get above 4,000 Points ,you are guarantee of making more than $100 every month.Only Wizard can earn from that.You will also earn from the revenue the site generate from adailycash,the above Matrix site.The site invested with adailycash,50% of the profit will be shared between Wizard members.

If you refer new Wizards,you will be given $5 for each one.The money you paid for the membership will also be earning you good money from the site's Matrix Program.Those that joined after you,will be yielding you $0.50 ( 50cents ) whether referred by you or not.

You will be making a mistake if you don't sign up now.You can pay the Wizard Membership later on.This is source of earnings for many families especially those in U.S.A,Canada etc.

                            Register Here -

4.Tagvillage - This is another great site to work on.It is a registered company in United State of America and they are mandated to be donating a certain percentage of their revenue every week to charity organization voted by members.A site that is doing this is not a small company at all.It is a site that is combining Facebook ( Social site ),Google ( Search Engine ) and Kooday ( Tag or word Trading Site ) into one and will be earning members good money.You can post on your Facebook page,search for information online through this site and most of all,engage yourself in trading ( buying and selling ) of Tags ( words ) which will yield you lot of money.Each social activities,searching activities will earn you money.You can also join others in buying and selling of words which is regarded as " Tags " on the site.Each Tag you sell,will give you 30% profit,If you bought a tag ( phone ) for $50,you will earn $15 whenever someone else buy it from you.The buying and selling is automatic,you will only see an increase in your earnings ( if you are selling ) vice-versa.

If you are lucky to keep the word or tag,it will also earn you money from advertisers.Completing daily task is another means of earning on the site.Tasks like " Liking a Facebook Comment ". Referring new members will earn you money for life from your referral activities.I have seen proves of payments from members amounting to $500,$7,000,$5000,$1,200,$3,500 etc.You too can be earning this.

The purchasing of its tags or words are not costly.You can get one from 10cents ( $0.10 ). The minimum money you can get into your account is $5.You will use this to buy the site's Credit, which you will be using for your Tag Trading.One Credit equals one dollar - $1.Method of payments are :


MasterCard etc.

                                           Register Here - tagvillage | a Tithing Corporation

5.TextCash - This is a Get Paid To Receive Text Messages site or program.You need to submit your phone number to the site and after it had been validated,maximum of five Text Messages will be sent to your phone everyday.Each Text Messages will earn you $0.05 ( 5cents ),the five Text Messages will earn you $0.25 ( 25cents ).

These Text Messages are adverts from the site's sponsors.You may act on them if you like.You won't be charged both by the site and your phone carrier.It is a totally free program.You can increase your earnings by referring new members and each must agree to receiving the Text Messages which will be earning you 5cents ( $0.05 ) everyday.This is for each new person you referred.

Very soon,the site will open its Shopping Mall where you will be buying and selling online like it's being done on Amazon and eBay.The most attractive of all is,you will be getting 50% discount on anything you purchased.

This is not a small company or site.It already made records with number of members and is planning to get a branch in more than 200 countries.It aims to be bigger than Amazon and eBay.Within three months,it already has more than 300,000 members from all over the world.

You need to join now and be among those that will be earning from it.Referring new people through your referral link will help you alot,for it will boost your earnings. As payment,it will be taken place every Monday and method of payments for now are :

Direct Bank Transfer

Master Card


You can get your money transferred to your bank account no matter wherever you are but you must provide your bank's Routing Number.You can as well as for check in your name or someone's.

                                   Register Here -

6.Clixsense - This is a Paid To Click and Fill Out Survey Site.It is the only Paid To Click site,i can work on because it had proved to be a reliable one.It had been on for years,still paying and getting stronger.The earnings may be too small to you but if you stay active,you can be making more than $50 every month.The rate per each ad clicked are 2cents ( $0.02 ) and 1cent ( $0.01 ). You will be getting more than twenty ( 20 ) ads per day.You can increase your earnings by referring new members and upgrade your account.

You can use the site to promote your programs and sites by paying $10.The advert will be broadcasted to more than Ten Thousand ( 10,000 ) people.There are surveys that you can do if you qualify which is more money.Many had earned over $500 from this site,you too can do that.It is unique and not the common Paid To Click Ads sites we are seeing today.

Method of payment are :



                                               Register Here - Paid to Click Advertising at ClixSense

7.Wazzub - This is a new site that is still in Prelaunch.You will be making money just to be a member and refer others.It is a revenue sharing site.You need to sign up now,refer others in order for you to get a share of its revenue.

                                              Register Here : WAZZUB - The Power of "We"!

That will be all for now and hope you understand all they are about.If you have any question,do not hesitate to ask me.