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True Love Exist, this might convince you ...
« on: Feb 28, 2012, 07:35 AM »

True love story

They have had crush on each other since they were 5 both Oladele and Nifemi shared the same house together as the house belongs to Nifemi’s father. Nifemi is her father’s only daughter and she never lacked family affection. Her marrying Oladele was a tough one because her family kicked against it. Against all odds she married Oladele but her father told her categorically "you Α̲̅re on your own in this one never come home for any assistance". She wept as she left the house but passion of L♥√ع still burns in her.

Oladele’ financial predicament became worse because he lost his father when he was in his final year with †ђξ little bank balance Nifemi has, he was able †Ơ̴͡ pay his school fees.

When Oladele graduated he has no job but they still got married, despite his fears and advices that it’s not good to marry without a job. Nifemi got a job in an oil company with her father’s conection. Every month Nifemi will give Oladele her full salary N250,000 after removing her N25,000 tithe and Oladele will give her N20,000 for personal up keep. Oladele determines what happens to the remaining money, this happened for 3 years. There was happiness in the family and Nifemi never refuse to do her primary home duty for that 3 years, despite wrong advice from friends and family. That you can pay d bills and still be doing all the work.

There was a particular month Oladele used about N70,000 to travel from state to state for different interviews. He finally got a job with a good firm in Portharcourt, his salary was N600,000 monthly for a start. He bought his first car (a brand new) for N4.5millon, he gave Nifemi the car key. So he took public transport to work for about 2 years before he bought the second car for N6 million. After he bought the second car, he took keys of the car and gave his wife key of the second car. They were very very happy. They finally moved into their personal house after some few years.

One day, Nifemi was looking for some documents, she saw a file codedly hidden, when she opened the file she saw her wedding picture when she was very slim in the first page of the file. She finally saw that the document to the purchase of the land and every other things in the house contains her name only. At the last page was Oladel’s wedding picture and a note written by him, ” MY WIFE IS ALL I HAVE GOT, NOT EVEN THIS HOUSE WORTH N24MILLION AT THE TIME I BUILT IT”.

This couple got married in over 14 years ago. Last month was their wedding anniversary with two children, boy and girl.

True LOVE still exists up till date. Α̲̅re you sure, the love you have for Him/Her can be compared to this one you just read. No matter what you choose each other, share… it doesn’t matter who put the food on the table now.

By ofayomi, edited by Emezico

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True Love Exist, this might convince you ...
« on: Feb 28, 2012, 07:35 AM »