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Computer Warehouse Group is a major player in the ICT in Nigeria. They are recruiting for Service Desk Manager (Service Delivery Manager) who will report to Enterprise Infrastructure Manager and local CWL Management.

Position: Service Delivery Manager

Role description:
The SDM is responsible for the functional execution and delivery of the Service Desk processes throughout business hours. That includes in the integrated operations model all delivery processed defined for 1stthrough to 3rd level support. The SDM trains, manages and overseas the Service Desk staff (functionally) to ensure that the team members across the tiers deliver the highest level of Customer service possible.Enterprise Infrastructure Manager for overarching service delivery engagement strategy alignment. The Service Desk Manager integrated and collaborates with the Primary Support Engineer as the Service Desk functionally requires the PSE’s 3rd level support engineers support to operate succesfully.The SDM is also responsible for the performance of the Service Desk functions delivery against Service and Operational Level Agreements across all functional processes.


General responsibilities:
•   Integrate and communicate with the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager on a daily basis for service delivery engagement strategic alignment and execution.
•   Integrate and communicate with the appropriate client stakeholders on a daily basis.

Process Management:
Manage and leadby the PSE. Functional responsibility for the day to day execution and delivery processes that govern the Service Desk,  which is 1st through to a team of Service Desk professionals; excluding the 3rd level support engineering team as they are managed by the PSE. Functional responsibility for the day to day execution and delivery processes that govern the Service Desk,  which is 1st through to 3rd level support.
-          Specific emphasis towards the following processes:
•   Event Management : Ensure that the Event Management process is followed and executed; primarily within the 1st level support team.
•   Incident Management : Ensure that the Service Desk tiers adheres to the defined Incident Management process.

Change Management:
Where applicable, ensure that the Service Desk staff utilize the ChM process. Examples could be to ensure that throughout an Incident tickets process, Change Management is performed
•   Problem Management
•   Service Request Management : Ensure that the SRM process is followed and executed.
•   Act as the Incident Manager as and when required by escalations throughout the Incident Management process during business hours. Out of hours Incident Manager support should be handled through defined out of hours business support processes.
•   Drive functional ticket escalation management; ensure that tickets in process are managed towards resolution. This includes being a functional escalation point for tickets that are not managed appropriately
within each tier
-          Develops, implements and improves delivery processes and procedures as and when required.
-          To ensure that systems, processes and methodologies as specified are followed to sure effective monitoring, control and support of service delivery.

Reporting and meetings:
-          Develop a performance measurements framework and facilitate feedback system to team members on issues such as customer service, communication, and technical skills, in order to enhance the quality of support delivered. This is done in alignment with and under the direction of the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager who is the Managed Services engagement lead.
-          Responsible for ongoing reporting on the performance of the Service Desk overall, which includes 1stthrough to 3rd level support.
-          To provide reports to an agreed schedule (or on request).
-          Conducts departmental meetings as and when required.
Develops and facilitate workshops and training courses for the Service
-          the Service Desk (and associated) resources.
-          Attend and conduct client service review meetings; areas covered will include performance reports, service improvements, quality and processes.
Customer and Client Management
-          Serves as the primary Customer service contact for the Service Desk.
-          Acts as a liaison between the Service Desk and other departments and teams.
Integrated Operations Model deployment
-          Responsible for supporting the deployment of the Integrated Operations Model across the three support tiers; 1st through to 3rd level support.
-          Responsible to stay informed on and support the deployment of changes into the Remedy system which is the primary management system for the Service Desk.

Other duties:
-          Drive continued operational improvements for the Service Desk with an emphasis on the Patrol based monitoring environment and the Remedy ticketing system.
Participate and assist in driving the knowledge management process which will be crucial
-          continuous improvement of the Service Desk performance.
-          Performs other duties as assigned.
-          Performance analysis of resources; conduct ongoing resource performance and skills analysis to support operation of the functional Service Desk.
-          Perform interviews for new professionals and provide feedback for promoting professionals.
-          Develop and demonstrate an understanding of customer and business needs.
Resolve escalated customer
-          escalated customer and vendor issues.
-          Resolve daily issues of a complex scope that impact the team and overall business objectives.
-          Prepare staffing plans as required and in alignment with the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager.
-          Manage Service Desk resources for optimal performance.
-          Maintain a high level of employee morale within the team.
-          Obtain equipment, tools, and space needed to allow team members to adequately support the customers.
-          new product/service releases.
-          Prepare the support team for new product/service releases.
-          Assist in the professional and technical development of team leaders enabling them to set technical goals, monitor, mentor, coach and assist team members to deliver quality support.
-          Assist the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager with the preparation and administration of plans and metrics.
Note: The SDM does not have people management responsibilities for the 3rd level support resources.

Skills and capabilities:
The following skills and capabilities are sought after in this role:
•   Past experience of managing a team within a Service Desk environment.
•   Thorough knowledge of Windows operating systems (Windows 2000 and 2003).
•   Good understanding of Service Management ticketing systems; preferably Remedy.
•   Good understanding of Event Management systems like BMC Patrol.
•   ITIL Managers certification is desirable
Demonstrable evidence of influencing positive change within a Service Desk environment
•   Ability to lead teams effectively both through structured coaching and delivering by example.
•   Thorough knowledge of Service Desk operations to include a good knowledge of IT best practices, industry trends and customer service.
•   Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
•   Excellent management and leadership skills.
•   Good organizational skills.

Role background and training
The candidate should possess the following accreditation (or its equivalent):
•   5 years experience in IT field, with minimum 3 years working in a Data Center environment within the last 5 years of employment
•   Preferably experience gained in both an internal IT Operations Division within a large corporate e.g. Telco, Finance; and experience within a similar role for a Management Services, Outsourced Managed Services and/or large-scale Shared Services organization that serviced a similar profiled organization.
•   2-3 years people management experience

ITIL certification; minimum ITIL Foundation. ITIL Managers certification preferred.

All applications should be sent to on or before 8th November, 2010.

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This job vacancy is still open but will be closing soon. Apply now if you're interested and qualified.

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