Author Topic: This is what you should know about the selection of your 1st and 2nd choice in selection of Institut  (Read 1130 times)

Chris michael

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The basic facts you should know
{1} all federal university in Nigeria does not accept 2nd choice.
{2} you have 55% of getting admission in state university when you choose them as 2nd choice.
{3} you can not be admitted for courses like: law, medicine,economics and political science in any school you choose as 2nd choice.
{4} some school will levy additional charges on post ume form for 2nd choice candidate.
{5} concentrate more on your 1st choice school.
{6} polytechnic do admit 1st and 2nd choice when you pass the post utme.
{7}all first list release by school are for those that meet the cut-off and choose the school as 1st choice.
{8} prepare and study well.