Author Topic: Marrying Many Wives is not a must In Islamic Religion - Adewale Ayuba  (Read 631 times)


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Quoting Fuji artist, Adewale Ayuba, who was asked by reporters on his take on polygamous marriage. This is what he has to say below:

 “I am a proud Muslim. I’ve been to the holy pilgrimage almost every year. My father was a prominent Islamic scholar from Ikenne-Remo in Ogun State. I can never marry a second wife. I have searched everywhere in the Holy Koran, I have not seen where it is written that a Muslim must marry more than one wife. Some people are merely twisting the scripture to satisfy their selfish desires by acquiring women and siring many children, whom, in most cases, they cannot cater for morally, educationally and financially.”.

Ayuba is married to Azukaego Kwentoh, an Igbo woman he married in 1989. They have 6 children.

Ayuba and his wife

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