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Population, Environment, and Human Security: Fellowship Award for 2011

Since 2001 the Compton Foundation and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) have collaborated to increase the capacity of outstanding graduate students from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America to affect policy and/or improve the effectiveness of population, family planning, and reproductive health programs in the developing world.

In the spirit of this collaboration and to fulfill its objectives, the Compton Foundation is making available Fellowships through PRB for capstone/internship work and dissertation research on topics that examine the interactions linking family planning and reproductive health with environmental/sustainability and/or human security issues. This Fellowship provides highly motivated individuals with a unique opportunity to explore these very important interactions.

Fellowship recipients must also be committed to returning to their country or region of origin to apply the skills and education they acquired and make substantial contributions to the field.

The Compton Fellowship program also aims to maintain a community of Fellows over time that encourages program-based and research-based linkages among these fields.


Students from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America who are currently enrolled full-time in Ph.D. or master's programs in academic institutions in the United States and Canada are eligible to apply. Applications are especially sought from students in the fields of family planning and reproductive health interested in exploring the interconnections that exist with environmental/sustainability and/or human security issues.

Those in master's programs need to be in second-year or advanced programs that require their graduates to engage in a capstone/internship experience.

For Ph.D. students, the Fellowships are for advanced students who have an approved research proposal and who are seeking support for field research to be carried out in a developing country (it does not need to be the same country as the applicant's country of origin, but it is strongly encouraged that the country that is the focus of research be in sub-Saharan Africa or Latin America). This fieldwork should contribute directly to completing their dissertation.

Students need to demonstrate the capability to express themselves without problem in English.

Fellowship Award

For 2011, the Compton Foundation/PRB International Fellowship will award up to two master's-level and up to four PhD-level Fellowships.

    * The master's Fellowship recipients will be awarded up to $10,000 each, normally limited to a period of one year.
    * The Ph.D. Fellowships will be awarded up to $20,000 each, normally limited to a period of one year.

Selected Fellows will become part of the community of Compton/PRB-supported professionals, which requires participating in a three-day meeting in mid-September and becoming involved in an electronic network of past and current Fellows.

Application Requirements

The deadline for applying is Jan. 24, 2011. Please submit the following:

    * Cover letter explaining your interest in the Fellowship.
    * Application form (PDF: 164KB). Please download a copy of the pdf, rename it, fill it out, and save the information. Then submit it electronically to Dr. Frost at the e-mail address below.
    * Curriculum vitae with full list of educational and other professional activities.
    * Abstract of master's capstone/internship or dissertation topic (250-300 words maximum that clearly shows how the work/research explores the interactions linking family planning/reproductive health with environmental/sustainability and/or human security issues. Please provide a brief rationale demonstrating how your capstone/internship or research will contribute to the Fellowship program's objectives and summarize expected outcomes.
    * A copy of your most current transcript.
    * Budget for use of the Fellowship award with necessary supporting documentation (for example, if there is travel involved please submit a sample itinerary that shows cost).
    * For master's capstone/internship, please provide a letter from the organization where the capstone/internship will take place.
    * For Ph.D. Fellowships, please provide proof of an approved research proposal.
    * Two letters of recommendation: one from your academic adviser and one from another faculty member.

It is preferable that all application materials be submitted electronically to Dr. Ashley Frost at The letters of recommendation should be e-mailed directly from the person making the recommendation to Dr. Frost.

If you need to submit materials in hard copy, please mail them to:

Dr. Ashley Frost
Population Reference Bureau
1875 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 520
Washington, DC 20009
Telephone: 202-483-1100
Fax: 202-328-3937

For further information about the Compton Foundation or PRB, please visit their respective websites at and

USA: Compton Foundation/PRB International Fellowship Award 2011

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