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Note that all these free browsing comments shits on our status are spams and we are on top of the situation.

We have the spammers in their thousands permanently BLOCKED and we won't relent.

This is also to let you know that THIS WEEK,

~ May God Almighty not relent in BLOCKING all spams in form of Sickness, Accident, Failure, Frustration etc in your life.

~ May he UPDATE your status to Good health, Prosperity, Promotion, Long life, Laughter etc.

~ May he DELETE whatever won't let you move forward in life

~ May he POST good news to your life

~ May ur enemies have no option but to LIKE you.

~ May your bosses SUBSCRIBE to your own opinion at ur work places

~ May God TAG you to Success

~ May he make you his FRIEND

** May you be able to claim all these by commenting 'AMEN!'

Happy New Week!


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ℓ☺ℓz... Funny prayer, I say big amen ooo