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Questions google can not answer!
« on: Aug 14, 2012, 10:02 AM »
Hi friends,I saw this funny question and just decided to share it;
The expression 'google it' has become a common and sometimes,sarcastic response to a random question.But really,what are those questions google cannot answer?
Here are some funny responses;

*Why is 'X' and 'Y' always missing in mathematics?
*Who ate the little piece of apple in iphone?
*Day and time of Jesus second coming.
*How many grains of sand are on planet earth?
*When will Chris Okotie win presidential election?
*Who will be Nigeria's dream president?
*What is under Jonathan's hat?
Feel free to add yours and continue the fun!


Re: Questions google can not answer!
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Surely, Google can't answer those questions. :D