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When a ghastly accident took the lives of five Nigerians in New York – Ms. Eucha Okafor-Mba Mcdonald, Ms. Nnenna Obioha, Ms. Okwudiri Christina Onyekwu Epton, Miss Adaobi Obioha (8) and Master Nwaebube (Ebube) Okafor-Mba (9) – in July, the news spread like wildfire and the American media, mainstream and otherwise, buzzed. And Nigerians and Africans from all over the United States and beyond expressed deep sadness and felt great shock at the tragedy.

Yet the Nigerian Consulate-General in New York did not react to the tragedy in any way, shape or form.

That prompted a Nigerian community leader to put a call through to the consulate.
The secretary to the Nigerian Consul-General picks the phone.

Caller: My name is Chika Onyeani. Could you please put me through to the Consul-General?
Secretary: One moment, please.
Seconds later, Mr. Habib Abba Habu, Nigeria’s Consul-General in New York, comes on the line.
Mr. Onyeani: Sir, I am calling to find out why the consulate neither reacted to the tragic death of five Nigerians in New York, which made news headlines across America, nor visited or sent a representative to visit the surviving victims of the accident, let alone participate in the wake-keeping Friday, July 10th.
Mr. Habu: Mr. Onyeani,
I am a Muslim. I can never enter a church
Mr. Onyeani: But, Sir, you are the Consul-General of Nigeria, not the Consul-General of Nigerian Muslims, and your predecessors, whether Muslims or Christians or any other religion, visited Nigerians whether in the church or in the mosque.
Mr. Habu: Well, they are they, and I am me. I can never enter a church.
Mr. Onyeani: We don’t really believe you are saying this. We are going to write about it.
Mr. Habu: Well, I don’t really care if you’re going to write about it or not, Chief Onyeani.


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He is not a true Nigerian representative. Is he there to represent Muslims or Nigerians, irrespective of religion?

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