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Being Single Is Fun...!!!
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But Being Committed In Love Feels Awesome...
-When You Wake Up You Find "Good Morning Love ♥ :)" In Your Inbox...
Or Early In The Morning You Listen To That Sweet Voice Saying: "Uth Gaya Mera Shona...!" ^_^
-When You're All Alone,Sick Or Lost.. You Need Just That Person With You..To Hold You In There Arms And You Find Out Dat Uve Regained Life... :)
-Those Small-Small Fights, & Saying "I'm Not Gonna Talk To You"
But Still...You Check Your Mobile To See The Missed Calls & Msgs From Them... :D
-Waking Up Suddenly At Midnight And Calling Them Talking Till 4 am... :P
-Those Sweet Memories.. After A Fight Saying: "Sorry Sweetheart..." :*
& Then Again Fighting Over Whose Mistake It Was...
-When We Call Them & If It Says " Is Busy With Another Call, Plz Stay On Line Or Call Later.. .!" (-_-)
We Find It Frustrating.... .
-Seeing His/Her Face & Becoming Happy..Without Any Reason.. . :))
-Reading Their Cute Text & Smiling Idiotically... N Getting Caught By Friends & Family.... :P
-Imagining Future Lives With Them...
Waking Up & Sleep While Cuddling Them... >==('_')==<
Nowadays We Often Hear People Say Love Hurts...
Love Is Fake..Its Unreal.... :(
But Its Not Love...
It May Be The Wrong Person...Or The Wrong Timings Which May Cause A Heart Break... </3
But Tell Me Honestly...
" Isn't Being In Love The Most Beautiful


Re: Being Single Is Fun...!!!
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İts fun,but u wönt stay like that forever