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Job Title: Drilling and Completion Engineer

Req I D: Req-0400

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Company: Hobark International Limited


The primary role and responsibility of the Drilling and Completions Engineer is to assure application of the best available economical technology in drilling and completions operations. Other responsibilities include well cost estimates, surveillance and improvement of daily progress, follow-up assessments, equipment selection/application and mentoring / training of new hire engineers. From time to time, provides rig site technical assistance to Drilling Supervisors during critical well control situations or for abnormal pressure detection.


Must know the operating and construction characteristics of all components in the drilling or completions systems to be used. Must be knowledgeable about alternative systems and procedures which might be implemented to improve operational efficiency.

Responsible for preparing and revising where necessary, a complete drilling or completions program. Works closely with other groups to assure the program is based on all available geological information and drilling information from other wells in the area (if any). The drilling or completions program must include if applicable, but is not limited to the following:

•   Operation Integrity Management System (OIMS) and related requirements per ExxonMobil Drilling OIMS Manual

•   Directional well planning (ERD, as well as, Horizontal wells) and collision avoidance planning on a real time basis

•   A weather analysis and a recommended vessel heading/ platform approach during moving in/out

•   A target time-depth curve and a target cost

•   Wellhead, casing and cementing program designed to meet expected conditions

•   Drilling mud program designed to meet expected conditions

•   Hydraulics, rotary speed and bit weight program and real time optimization

•   Bottom-hole assembly program to maximize penetration rate and minimize deviation

•   An assessment of special drilling problems that might be encountered and real time parameters analysis

•   Well completion design (gravel pack and stand-alone screen completions)

•   Well testing program

•   Abandonment program (TP&A and PA to meet DPR’s requirements)

Surveillance of day-to-day drilling progress to ensure the drilling program is conducted to apply best technology and proposes modifications, if required.

Analyzes drilling performance at intermediate depths and when the well is completed. Works with Operations personnel to implement changes in procedures and equipment based on the results of this analysis

Review retrieved managed electronic data and ensures errors found in the daily operations reports and final well reports are corrected.

Works with Operations to prepare standard operating practices and procedures including, but not limited to, the following:

•   Moving in/off of platforms

•   Drill pipe/ Drill Collars handling/ care/ maintenance/ inspection criteria

•   QA/QC programs for all downhole equipment

•   Emergency Response planning and upgrade

•   Safety

•   Heavy weather

•   Well head equipment

Provides well-site drilling or completions surveillance and engineering assessments and supports Operations Superintendents on critical activities and problems, such as equipment failures, mud and hole problems, abnormal pressure detection, well testing and well control. Will also provide well-site surveillance and technical assistance on development projects, equipment testing, new procedures, abnormal pressure, etc.

Primarily responsible for:

•   Preparation of cost estimates for selection of optimum alternatives

•   Material and equipment selection and evaluation

•   Government regulatory requirements, approvals and permits

•   Technical/ commercial bid preparations and analysis

Must keep abreast of the best available technology (including Smart Well and Flex Well Completions)

Maintain proficiency in well control technology and training.

Provides surveillance of well cost and stewardship reconciliation exercise

Drilling and Completion Engineer Job

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