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Prayer for you today!
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1st Prayer: Thanksgiving: Father!!! Thank You for the great and wonderful things you have done in my life!

2nd Prayer: Father!!!! In the mighty Name of Jesus!! I decree & declare that I shall ARISE in this season!!! Father!!!! Let my LIGHT shine this season!! Let the glory of the LORD be seen over me!!!

3rd Prayer: Father!!! In the mighty Name of Jesus!!! Again I decree & declare that I shall Arise out of lack!! I shall Arise out of depression!! I shall arise out of the level where I am!!! I am moving up higher!! I am lifted in Jesus Name!!

4th Prayer: Father!!! I decree & declare that all powers of darkness operating or trying to function in my life shall remain bound in Jesus Name!!! The LIGHT of the Almighty God shall expel them in Jesus Name!!!

5th Prayer: Father!!! I declare the BLOOD covering over my life, my family, my loved ones and my entire household!!! I overcome every obstacle or power of hell by the BLOOD!!! I stop and resist all forces of darkness by the BLOOD!!!

Re: Prayer for you today!
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'' AMEN'' these are good prayer points. I need them to start manifest and not just pray it alone.