Author Topic: The InfoStride wears a new look from September 2012 - Please Review!  (Read 4030 times)


Dear Members/Visitors, We are happy to announce the new theme for The InfoStride which was implemented on 5th September, 2012.

We have received several feedback about the previous theme that warranted us to adopt the new theme.

Please check out the new look at ( and post your feedback in this thread. We are always willing to serve you better.

We hope you love the new look!

Thank you.

The InfoStride Team.


Please note some little updates in the top menu. The previous theme has a top menu that featured different categories / sections of our website but with the new theme, you can see all category from the "FORUM" just with one-click.

Your feedback will appreciated here. It helps us to move further in satisfying your needs. Thanks.


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Still a forum paid to post? How soon do I get paid? There are minimum and maximum payout? 1 n equals as in usd?