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Handling Body/Mouth odour yourself
« on: Sep 11, 2009, 10:46 AM »

In managing body odour we should beware of the deodorants we use. Many of the so called deodorants are actually anti-persperants and are very harmful. Body odour is the smell from body secretions especially sweat that are acted upon by bacteria. Sweat itself is odourless. They emit odour when acted upon by naturally occuring bacteria. Body odours generally emanates from areas where sweat glands are concentrated such as armpits, groin & feet. Shoes & clothings also trap perspiration, encouraging bacteria activity.

TREATMENT: i . Wash with soap more than once daily if possible.

 ii. Use antibacterial soap.

 iii. Use deodorants not anti-perspirants.

 iv.. Don't use deodorants that contains metallic salts such as aluminium. They have been linked with skin irritation & breast cancer. Also, don't ever use deodorants that prevents or reduces sweating. Sweat is toxic waste and must be allowed to leave the body. Use deodorants to kill the odour. I always recommend products of natural origin such as Forever Deodorant Shield, Aloe soap, Bath gelee, Aloe First. Aloe Lips. For more info, send sms to +2348034707472.


 Forever Toothgel is recommended for all forms of mouth odour, tooth decay, bleeding gum, infected month,etc. For prevention & management of all tooth problems, first step is to wash your mouth after each meal or at least every night before going to bed. I strongly recommend Forever Toothgel. Tooth brush is not compulsory before food but after food.  Generally, mouth odour emanates from neglected mouth, teeth & gastro-intestinal region essentially due to bad eating habits. Debris of food hanging in the mouth especially within the teeth spaces is a good place for bacteria to invade and thrive.This is why it is important to ALWAYS brush your mouth after every meal or at least rinse thoroughly with water to remove the debris.For cleansing of gastro-intestinal tract, I always recommend Aloe Gel, Garlic/Thyme & Fields of Greens. These are food prepared from vegetables and fruits. You can't have any reason to remove any tooth if you follow these simple steps. For more info or enquiries, call or send sms to 08034707472.


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Handling Body/Mouth odour yourself
« on: Sep 11, 2009, 10:46 AM »