Author Topic: Imo State University Student Stripped For Stealing Blackberry Phone  (Read 1609 times)


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Here is the story as reported by Sunexx360.                                         
A lady who is only known as Chisom who is a student of Imo State University, she was caught with another girl blackberry phone.                                               
She was in a club, when she decided to join the blackberry girls league.
Chisom stoled the blackberry phone, tried to switch it off, but was unable to get that, so she put it inside her bag, then she decided to leave the party, but it was too late, the owner of the blackberry phone was already searching for it, she used another mobile phone to called her number. Atlast, the phone was ringing inside Chisom handbag.
The people in the popular club pondered on her, they were determined to terminate her life, but she was rescued by the gateman who gripped her to a safe room.                                         
There is no gain in stealing (even 5 naira), you might lose your dignity/life in the process.
#thinking out very loud
When will our Girlfriends/sisters/girls/ learn that blackberry is not a MUST have for all girls? we keep hearing, seeing and reading stories of girls who have been molested by ‘illiterate’ guys (sometimes low life girls) for stealing blackberry phones. (not that i support them or promote stealing. But give our girls some respect! Handle them over to the police, not disgrace their pride!#Am Angry:-))
But girls, why? Why dear girlfriends? Even if you have nokia touch, it is still SWAG! What count is your brain, character and beauty. What else?
Don’t engage in such act. You might think you are smart, until luck ran out of you… Then you will be the next victim…. Then come the last cry… ‘ had i know ‘
Imo State University Girls, be careful. A friendly advice from sunexx360; and to all Girls in School. If you can’t afford Blackberry now, you can later, if you want to chat, you can 2go instead of Pinging.
There is no different between BBM and 2go are the same.
picture of Chisom in her waterlow?

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shame on her for stealing a BB.

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