Author Topic: Common Mistakes Women Make, Discovering Their Men Are Cheating  (Read 824 times)

 Common Mistakes Women make when discovering an affair When you have just discovered that your man is cheating on you...please do NOT do the following:-

1. Demanding to know about the other woman: The truth may hurt you. Can you handle the truth?

2. Insulting the other woman: You are giving her power, she doesn't deserve. Especially if ... you insult her toyour husband e.g. how is your slut doing?

3. Forcing him to choose, thinking he will choose you: There is no competition here-you will lose this one! She is new and they are in the honeymoon phase, you on the other hand you are his old habit.

4. Calling him excessively to check on him like a prisoner: He may start to avoid your calls even if he is not doing anything bad just to protect his freedom.

5. Beating the other woman up: You are creating sympathy for her. Now she looks like your victim to him. With this one you are still giving her power.

6. Threatening to leave just to scare him: You are giving him ideas. You make the grass seem greener on the other side.

7. Crying: He wont feel sympathy for you-he will feel burdened by the tears.

8. Snooping: Dont hurt yourself unnecessarily. You will find what you are looking for. Dont break into his e-mails. Dont scroll his cell phone and don't go through his messages.

9. Being in denial even though the signs are there: Do something about your knowledge or you will make yourself sick. Some diseases are stress-related. Deal with your issues; don't bottle them up.

10. Telling his mother: For crying out loud! This is his mother!

11. Committing suicide: Seriously, once you're gone, you're gone Put the phone down. It is wise to leave his phone alone. when you are hurting, deal with
your disappointment instead of going through his phone only to find more truths
that will hurt you. When his phone rings, leave the room Even if its ringing unattended to, Leave it alone. Dont answer his phone. Learn
to be strong and ignore it.....

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Emmy, Thanks for these soothing words